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Grant Morrison stars in the video for Midnitemen’s ‘Killer’


Three years ago, British musician/DJ/producer Akira the Don performed at the first (and, alas, only) MorrisonCon, and even appeared on a panel with Grant Morrison. Now, it seems, the writer is returning the favor.

This morning, Midnitemen — it’s a collaboration between Akira the Don and Wade Crescent — released the video for its debut single “Killer,” starring none other than Morrison, who does very Morrison-esque things, like glare maniacally.

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A peek behind the scenes of MorrisonCon (Day 1, at least)

Grant Morrison with Akira the Don and James Sime

If you couldn’t make it to MorrisonCon over the weekend and are looking to experience aspects of the event beyond Comic Book Resources’ panel reports, British musician Akira the Don offers his take on the first day, which included lounging in “Suite Le Morrison to drink fine boozes, pore over immensely incredible art pages from Grant and Frank’s upcoming Multiversity comic and chatter excitedly about Jilted John and bath salt zombies and the new age of Horus whilst being filmed for a documentary.”

Even better, he has a slew of photos, some featuring Morrison (glowing and not), Gerard Way and retailer/convention organizer James Sime. You can see a couple of those images below, along with video of Morrison’s spoken-word performance with Way and James Dewees of My Chemical Romance.

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Comics A.M. | Comic sales up 18.6% for first half of year

Avengers vs. X-Men #6

Retailing | Sales of comics and graphic novels in the direct market rose 18.6 percent for the first half of the year, compared to the same period in 2011, reports the retail news and analysis site ICv2. John Jackson Miller adds that, “Retailers have already ordered more material through June — nearly $223 million in retail dollars— than they did in last year through July.” He also points out that the second half of the year has outperformed the first half every year for the past decade, by an average of 10 percent, meaning we can probably expect 2012 to finish strong. [ICv2.com, Comichron]

Publishing | The new Valiant Entertainment would like to follow the movie “blueprint” that Marvel has laid out, according to a new profile of the reborn company. “Investors like to be able to compare concepts to other concepts,” said Valiant chairman Peter Cuneo, former CEO of Marvel. “With Valiant, we very much have a blueprint to follow, which is Marvel.” The profile mostly focuses on the business side of Valiant, as well as some of its history. [The New York Times]

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Happy Holidays from Robot 6

from Matthew Petz

It’s Christmas Eve, and we’re winding down here at Robot 6 to go spend time with family and friends. Before heading off to celebrate, though, you’ll find a collection of holiday-themed links after the jump, along with this year’s collection of holiday cards we received.

On behalf of all of Robot 6, have a great holiday and stay safe. We’ll see you next week.

(Above: a Christmas showdown by Matthew Petz)

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Akira the Don channels anime on new mixtape

Manga Music

Artist, musician and our buddy Akira the Don has released a new mixtape, titled Manga Music, featuring “a tribute to the monumental works of Manga Entertainment, who this year celebrate 20 years of serving us Westerners with the very finest anime.” Each song samples and is named after one of their releases, such as Evangelion, Full Metal Alchemist, Crying Freeman and, naturally, Akira.

“Twenty years ago I was a little boy living by the sea in North Wales gaping in awe at their advert for Akira in the back of my Dad’s copy of Vox magazine,” Akira the Don wrote on his site. “A little while later I was pushing a big VHS cassette into its slot, an a few hours after that my life was changed forever.”

You can find it on his site, along with a new T-shirt and hoodie, as well as on YouTube and, thanks to the magic of Soundcloud and embed codes, right after the jump.

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What Are You Reading? with Akira the Don

Amazing Spider-Man #666

Today our special guest is the recently married Akira the Don, a musician and artist whose latest album, The Life Equation, can be heard on his website.

To see what Akira the Don and the Robot 6 crew are reading, click below.

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Akira the Don draws Axl Rose for Art Brut comic

Axl Rose

Earlier this summer indie rock band Art Brut released a comic book that had Bryan Lee O’Malley, Hope Larson, Jeff Lemire, Jeffrey Brown and several others creating comics based on tracks from Art Brut’s Brilliant Tragic! album. (The band’s lead singer, Eddie Argos, is a big comic book fan, and even writes a column on them).

Artist and musician Akira the Don, whose new album The Life Equation can be heard on his blog and opens with a speech by Grant Morrison, created a comic for the song “Axl Rose.” Naturally, it features the Guns N’Roses front man leaping out of a kid’s poster to ride a motorcycle and flip off the world. The Don has posted it on his website, so you can go check it out for yourself.

Akira the Don’s Guide to Death’s Head

The story of Death's Head

The story of Death's Head

Akira the Don offers up a guide to Death’s Head, the Marvel U.K. character who recently appeared in the short-lived S.W.O.R.D. series. You can watch a video of him drawing it after the jump.

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