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Exclusive | Chris Weston’s art for Albert Hughes’ Motor City

When comic artists work in the movie industry, we see little of what they produce due to Hollywood’s love of the the non-disclosure agreement. It’s understandable: Even if a movie is stuck in development hell, that doesn’t mean the project won’t eventually begin production (Brendan McCarthy originally worked on Mad Max: Fury Road from 1998 to 2003, and that movie is only now filming). It speaks volumes of the relationship between Chris Weston and director Albert Hughes that so much of Weston’s development art is allowed out into the wild — remember his storyboards for Akira?

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Chris Weston gets hammered for Jagermeister commercial

After a storied career drawing comics on both sides of the Atlantic, Chris Weston found one of the coolest gigs for any comic artists: creating storyboards. And after a long working relationship with filmmaker Albert Hughes on The Book of Eli and an aborted Akira adaptation, Weston re-teamed with the director for a different kind of project: an ad for the German liqueur Jagermeister.

Titled “A Seat At The Table,” the live-action spot was storyboarded by Weston based on Hughes’ ideas. The director then used Weston’s drawings to do a strict reproduction, down to a statue of arctic explorers. You can see the completed commercial is below, and check out Weston’s storyboards on his blog.

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