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Talking Comics with Tim: David Liss and Allen Byrns on ‘Angelica Tomorrow’


Typically, I don’t interview a creator twice about the same project. However, David Liss is a writer whom I consider to be greatly undervalued; if you never read the Black Panther stories he did with Francesco Francavilla a few years ago, you should remedy that situation immediately. We initially discussed his creator-owned Angelica Tomorrow in 2012, but along the way publishing plans (and options available to Liss) expanded, and an opportunity presented itself to bring artist Allen Byrns into the discussion.

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Kickstart My Art | Noir City #1

With just nine days to go, collaborators Cody Walker (Keeping the World Strange: A Planetary Guide), RG Valerius and Allen Byrns are in the home stretch of their Kickstarter campaign for Noir City #1, the debut of “an intertwining tale” involving mysterious characters, culminating in “resolution of the great mystery of who murdered The Miracle, the hero of a forgotten age.”

While co-writers Walker and Valerius are wanting to keep details of the story rather … mysterious– “The issue introduces readers, in true noir fashion, to a lost soul who finds himself thrust on the fringe of a mystery that he knows nothing about and no one around him can even recall that it exists” — you can get a sense of the central characters on the comic’s website and on the Kickstarter page, which also provides a look at Byrns’ rather Templesmith-esque art. The campaign is $3,135 toward its $4,500 goal, which will go toward the production and printing of the 28-page full-color first issue.

Pledge rewards range from access to exclusive digital content and a “Vote Noir” poster to participation in a Skype RPG game and original sketches. The campaign ends Nov. 7.

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Talking Comics with Tim | David Liss on Angelica Tomorrow

Angelica Tomorrow

A week or so ago saw a flurry of announcements coming out of New York Comic Con. But the deals we read about are only part of what’s going on at conventions. Last week I learned about a new project for early 2013 from David Liss, but, as I quickly realized in this interview with the writer, the early formation of Angelica Tomorrow, his collaboration with artist Allen Byrns (and published by 215 Ink) actually began at New York Comic Con 2011. As a fan of Liss’ recent work for Marvel (Black Panther: The Man Without Fear), it didn’t take a great deal of prodding to be interested in the upcoming six-issue miniseries, as I was already predisposed to be interested in “a paralyzed teenage alcoholic whose life is changed when he meets a charming amnesiac cyborg — who does not know that she was created to be a deadly assassin.”

Tim O’Shea: While many folks know you from your prose work and your great run on Black Panther: The Man Without Fear, this might be the first time people are hearing the name 215 Ink. What prompted you team with them for this project?

David Liss: I know a few guys who have published with 215 Ink, and I met Andrew DelQuadro, the company president, at NYCC last year. He was very enthusiastic about working together, and I loved the idea of being able to develop an original concept. The books I’ve done with Marvel and Dynamite have all been pulp titles — which is great, because I love pulp — but I wanted to try my hand at something entirely different. 215 Ink was willing to help me make it happen, so it was a great opportunity.

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