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Exclusive preview | Rastafarian ghost crime drama ‘Duppy ’78’


In February, former Vertigo editor Casey Seijas and artist Amancay Nahuelpan are taking comics fans to 1970s Jamaica with the Com.X graphic novel Duppy ’78. Into the capital of Kingston to be exact, to follow a fictional gang war that runs the gamut from drugs to guns to voodoo. The situation goes from bad to worse when one of the crime lords is assassinated, putting into play a child practitioner of voodoo arts and master of what Rastafarian religion calls ghosts, duppy.

Seijas has provided ROBOT 6 with an exclusive five-page preview of the graphic novel, as well as a description of the book and this excerpt:

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‘Duppy ’78’ follows Jamaican gang wars, Rastafarian ghost tales


Former Vertigo editor Casey Seijas has a story he wants to tell — a story about Jamaican gangsters, Rastafarian ghost stories and the dark summer of 1978 in Kingston.

In the upcoming graphic novel Duppy ’78, by Seijas and artist Amancay Nahuelpan, a group of Jamaican crime lords are fighting to control ancient and malevolent Rastafarian spirits known as the Duppy. When one of the crime lords is killed over control of these spirits, the Kingston underworld erupts as the remaining players vie for control over the Duppy and the young mystics who are said to be able to control them. Mixing Jamaican history and Rastafarian religious ideas, Duppy ’78 looks to meld two distinct genres into something that could be surprises.

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The Ashcan Allstars end Tank Girl week in style


Tank Girl returned to shelves on Wednesday in the form of Solid State Tank Girl #1 from Titan Comics. Perhaps coincidentally, but probably not, the artists at Ashcan Allstars have been celebrating Tank Girl week.

There’s some good work there — Tank Girl is a hard character to get right, tonally. Alan Martin’s signature character may have inspired a generation of Suicide Girls, but it’s hard to find an instance in her comics where her sexiness is ever being used in an exploitative fashion. Sure, there’s loads of gratuitous female and male nudity in the back catalog, but it’s almost certainly there for comedic reasons rather than titillation. So any artist attempting to draw the character as a straight-up cheesecake pin-up is completely missing the point. By and large, the Allstars have mainly got it right, but I’ll let you be your own judge of who’s been successful and who hasn’t — there’s a gallery of examples after the break.

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Sketch blog Ashcan All-Stars celebrates Dick Tracy

Brent Schoonover

As crime comics experience a resurgence, one of the genre’s pioneers has been yellowing with age … but one group sketch blog is looking to bring some new attention and appreciation to the detective. Rafael Albuquerque, Andy Kuhn, Tyler Crook and other members of Ashcan All-Stars have been producing sketches to celebrate Chester Gould’s Dick Tracy and have been doing it with no shortage of style or talent.

Take a look below at some of the highlights, and head to Ashcan All-Stars’ website to see more as they’re revealed.

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