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Exclusive preview | Box Brown’s new anthology ‘Number’


Cartoonist Box Brown has toured the (comics) world, from major conventions to local festivals. Along the way he’s won over fans, and recently finished a graphic novel for First Second Books titled Andre the Giant: Life and Legend. While that book is still months away, Brown has already gotten a second wind for his unique brand of wrestling comic, and he turned to ROBOT 6 to break the news.

At the LA Zine Fest in February, Brown will launch the anthology series Number, published under his Retrofit Comics banner. The lead feature of the debut issue is “Kayfabe Quarterly,” which follows a teenage boy who awkwardly comes of age while being an ardent fan of professional wrestling. A chance meeting with fictional wrestler Diamond Dick leaves him with some surprising words of advice, which changes how he leads his life.

Brown has provided ROBOT 6 with an exclusive preview of Number #1′s “Kayfabe Quarterly,” as well as one page from a second story in the second story, “The Documentarian.” He is also having a sale on his original art through the end of 2013.

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Box Brown’s ‘Andre the Giant’ biography unleashes its cover


A lifelong wrestling fan, Bellen! and Everything Dies creator (and Retrofit publisher) Box Brown will make his graphic-novel debut in May with Andre the Giant: Life and Legend, a biography of the professional wrestler turned actor from First Second (ROBOT 6 interviewed Brown about the project last year). Grantland has a new Q&A with the cartoonist, along with a first look at the cover, which you can check out in full below.

“Every wrestler had a story about him, but wrestlers like to tell stories and like to embellish those stories and make them their own,” Brown tells Grantland’s The Triangle. “And they’re good at it! Even the stories that are generally accepted to be true about Andre have a mythic quality to them. I really wanted to convey his human side and that he was a multifaceted human being with all the same idiosyncrasies as anyone. In our lives, sometimes we are magnificent and sometimes we’re not so much and we’re everything in between.”

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