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Yet still more animated comics covers by Kerry Callen

Because they’re like crack.

Visit Callen’s site to also see Daredevil #7 (from the current Mark Waid/Paolo Rivera run) and Batman #15 (which should put to rest that whole Batman-hates-guns myth once and for all). I hope someone starts paying him to do these as covers for digital comics. I’d never buy print again.

More animated covers by Kerry Callen!

If you haven’t had enough of Kerry Callen’s awesome animated comics covers — and how could you possibly have? — he’s posted a couple more on his blog. That’s Lois Lane #29 above, but click through to see him make Jim Steranko’s classic Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD #4 even more psychedelic than it already was.

Kerry Callen is brilliant, part two: animated comics covers

If Super Hero Thanksgiving isn’t enough to prove Kerry Callen’s awesomeness, his quartet of animated covers to classic comics ought to do the trick. Comics Alliance has the whole set, including The Amazing Spider-Man #33, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns #1, Iron Man #128, and this one, Justice League of America #6.

[Updated: See the comments below for the explanation, but my not linking directly to Callen’s blog where he originally posted these was an oversight on my part. I apologize.]

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