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Food or Comics? | Empowered or empanadas

Welcome to Food or Comics?, where every week we talk about what comics we’d buy at our local comic shop based on certain spending limits — $15 and $30 — as well as what we’d get if we had extra money or a gift card to spend on a “Splurge” item.

Check out Diamond’s release list or ComicList, and tell us what you’re getting in our comments field.

Orc Stain #7

Chris Arrant

If I had $15, I’d grab with two hands the new issue of Orc Stain #7 (Image, $2.99). Stokoe is one of the few people in mainstream comics blending storytelling in art and writing seamlessly, creating an organic piece of work that’s as good to eat as some of the fictional food he presents in the book. Spaceman #4 (DC/Vertigo, $2.99) has, in its short run, showed the best of what can be done at Vertigo and is pretty exhilarating, especially if you re-read it from the beginning. After that I’d pick up my regular double-shot: Invincible #89 (Image, $2.99) and Walking Dead #94 (Image, $2.99), and then top it off with The Twelve #10 (Marvel, $2.99). I’m appreciative Marvel and the creators saw fit to see it through, and the story’s all the better for it.

If I had $30, I’d go all company-owned super heroes. Avengers #23 (Marvel, $3.99) for the continuing fight against HYDRA by Brian Michael Bendis and Daniel Acuna. Acuna’s really (finally) had a chance to blossom on this book and I hope he sees it through for a good long while. After that I’d get FF #15 (Marvel, $2.99), which has silently outstripped Fantastic Four in my book; the added bonus for this issue particularly is seeing artist Nick Dragotta on this book. I’d wrap it all up with Batman Beyond Unlimited #1 (DC, $3.99). I’ll admit I missed out on the complete fervor of Batman Beyond, but I’m excited by Dustin Nguyen and Adam Beechen’s work and the possibilities of them taking on a future rendition of Batman and the JLA.

And if I could splurge, I’d check out the overlooked Key Of Z TPB (Boom!, $14.99). New York City street warfare told against the backdrop of a zombie apocalypse? Sounds like my kind of book. Newcomer artist Aaron Kuder’s got an interesting style that I’d been meaning to check out, and this gives me just that chance.

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Arcana and Benderspink team for film-ready comics line

Langley High

Arcana is partnering with Benderspink, the production company behind planned adaptations of Y: The Last Man and The Mighty, for a line of comics that can be developed for film and television.

Called, appropriately enough, ArcanaBenderspink Comics, Deadline reports the label will launch with 20 titles, including Dime Detectives, which recasts authors Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler as real-life crime solvers, Untouchable, which pits the descendents of Al Capone and Elliott Ness against each other, and Langley High, the upcoming conspiracy thriller by Tomm Coker and Daniel Friedman that’s already set up with producer Atlas Entertainment.

Benderspink, which produced the 2005 adaptation of A History of Violence, last year acquired the film rights to Coker and Friedman’s Undying Love and put DC’s The Mighty into motion at Paramount Pictures.

Founded in 2004 by Sean O’Reilly, Arcana has published such titles as Kade, Clockwork Girl, Helen Killer and Gearhead.

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