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Comics A.M. | The Governator placed ‘on hold'; B&N gets $1B offer

The Governator

Publishing | As the fallout mounts from the revelation that former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger fathered a child more than a decade ago with a member of his household staff, plans to revive the Terminator star’s acting career have been put on hold — a move that now extends to The Governator, the comics and animation project co-developed by Stan Lee. “In light of recent events,” representatives announced last night, “A Squared Entertainment, POW, Stan Lee Comics, and Archie Comics, have chosen to not go forward with The Governator project.” However, Entertainment Weekly notes the statement was revised two hours later, putting the project “on hold.”

Unveiled in late March, on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, no less, The Governator features a semi-fictional Schwarzenegger who, after leaving the governor’s office, decides to become a superhero — complete with a secret Arnold Cave under his Brentwood home that not even his family knows about. “We’re using all the personal elements of Arnold’s life,” Lee said at the time of the announcement. “We’re using his wife [Maria Shriver]. We’re using his kids. We’re using the fact that he used to be governor.” But even before the couple’s separation became public, producers had backed off depicting Shriver and their children. [TMZ, Entertainment Weekly]

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Stan Lee to develop Schwarzenegger comic

Remember a few weeks back when we noted that former California governor and Terminator star Arnold Schwarzenegger was hinting that he was working on a comic? Well, it’s true, and none other than Stan Lee is going to be a part of the creative team.

It’s not clear exactly what role Lee will play in the comic, but he had plenty to say to Entertainment Weekly, as did Schwarzenegger himself. The character will be a superhero named The Governator, and Lee refers to him as a “semi-fictional” character, which makes one wonder. Is there a real Arnold Cave somewhere, perhaps in an undisclosed location? Or is it just that the cast will include Schwarzenegger’s real-life wife (Maria Shriver) and kids?

Along with the Arnold Cave, the Governator will have a fleet of super vehicles at his disposal, a closet full of “Super Suits” that allow him to fly and perform other super stunts, and a team of colorful sidekicks, such as Zeke Muckerberg, the precocious 13-year-old computer whiz who acts as the Governator’s cybersecurity expert. Naturally, there will also be recurring supervillains — including an evil organization called Gangsters Imposters Racketeers Liars & Irredeemable Ex-cons (or G.I.R.L.I.E. Men, for short). For Schwarzenegger, the cartoon is obviously the next best thing to being President. “I love the idea of a control center below my house with a path so that boats and submarines can go right into the ocean,” he tells EW. “In the cartoon, my house is much closer to the beach than where we live, but, you know, it’s a cartoon.”

Oh, so that’s the fictional part—the house is closer to the beach.

But has anyone told them about this? Or will it be terminated with extreme prejudice?

Arnold Schwarzenegger eyeing comics role

Sure, you’ve got your Steampunk Sarah Palin and your Obama Meets Spider-Man comics, but Arnold Schwarzenegger played Conan before he hit the political arena, so it’s not too surprising that he’s working on becoming a comics character.

Now that his gig as governor of California is over, Schwarzenegger has been hinting broadly that he would like to return to movies. Actually, he didn’t just hint it, he tweeted it, although in an interview with Moviefone he allowed that a change of genre would be in order:

“Extreme fighting and shooting isn’t possible for me anymore,” the actor says. “In the future I’ll need to pick my roles according to my age. Clint Eastwood did it the same way….”

Comics, of course, present no such limitations. On Sunday, Schwarzenegger made an appearance at The Arnold Seminar (don’t ask), and an alert reporter from the fansite TheArnoldFans asked about reports that he was currently reviewing three scripts. Schwarzenegger’s reply:

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