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Arthur Suydam asks for help in recovering stolen artwork

"Alien Genocide," by Arthur Suydam

Veteran artist Arthur Suydam is seeking help in recovering artwork recently stolen from his New York City studio. Among the pieces are Suydam’s own gouche painting “Alien Genocide” and a “Little Devil” ink drawing by the late Frank Frazetta. Images of both — the latter drawn by Suydam from memory — are shown in this post.

The artist is asking that anyone who might have been approached to buy the stolen works, or know of their whereabouts, to please contact him at or (212) 475-4840. Tips will be kept confidential. Suydam’s message mentions a reward, but no additional details are offered.

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The Fifth Color – Marvel Zombies Field Guide

the fifth colorMarvel, with its finger oh so close to the pulse of popular culture, let an idea fester in the minds of their bullpen, slowly creating a deadly infection through the titles of the Marvel Universe.  We can trace it from an original source, the strain of the disease that would later spread, to one man:  Mark Millar.

As much as I would love to chase him down with a bunch of dudes in HazMat suits, Mark Millar is our Patient Zero in the visual juggernaut that is ‘Marvel Zombies’.  Who know where he got it from, the end of a bottle of alcohol, the late night viewing of one too many George Romero movies, some internet clicks and a savvy mind for a play on the not-so affectionate terms for the True Believers, but it is here and it’s here to stay.  What Millar wrought, Kirkman forged and Arthur Suydam perfected, three men taking us on a wild ride since 2005 and it shows no sign of stopping.  As long as zombies entertain the pop culture brain, someone’s going to want to eat those brains.

So, in no particular order, here are some simple signs and helpful tips to the wide multi-universal world of The House of Undead Ideas.
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