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From the Batcave to the Death Star: A visual guide to fictional locations


U.K. company Rawlins Paints & Coatings has released “An Illustrated Guide to Iconic Fictional Locations,” showcasing memorable settings ranging from Superman’s Fortress of Solitude and Stark Tower to the Simpsons’ home and Walt and Jesse’s RV from Breaking Bad.

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‘When I come back, verily, I’m comin’ straight outta Asgard …”


Kenny Keil, creator of Tales to Suffice and artist of the new webcomic Apple Bit Newton, sends word that he’s dropped more bombs in his Superhero Remix Project — “A mash up of classic hip hop album covers and various comic book characters.” Head over to Flickr to see Dr. Doom channel Kool Moe Dee and “Fear of a Green Planet,” among others.

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