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The Fifth Color | The Avengers movie I’ve been waiting for

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Why yes, I did enjoy the film.

Where do I start?  There are so many things in the Avengers movie that it’s super difficult to find just one idea and use it to explain that this was … this was a dream come true.  In my lifetime, there is a big-budget Avengers movie written by and starring incredibly talented people, and everyone I know is going to see this. Not just a few friends with a bootleg tape we can groan over, but a real-life movie full of real live people who have no idea that Hawkeye is deaf in one ear or that the Avengers have a charter by which they elect chairmen to lead them.  But there they are, selling out seats in midnight showings, crowding theaters overseas, all there for the excitement of seeing these characters do heroic deeds on the silver screen.

I once asked Geoff Johns at a signing if he liked the (at the time) new Teen Titans Go cartoon show.  Johns was writing a very in-depth and classic Teen Titans run in the comics, and I would have thought that the incredibly anime attempt at storytelling might have irked him.  Instead, he told me that he loved the show and that it was amazing that thousands of kids who watched it now knew who Cyborg was.  As I left the theater and two teens passed me by in delirious midnight showing glee and shouting to one another about “Oh my god, Arrow Guy!  I thought Captain America, but- ARROW GUY!!” I think I get what Johns was talking about.

So where do I start?  At the amazing fact that this movie even exists and will make tons of money?  At the continuity kept between this movie and the rest of Marvel Studios productions?  With all the massive character development or all the massive action that took place around (and during) the character development?  In fact, this movie has so much going for it, it’s nearly overwhelming to watch.  If anything, its great success as comic book storytelling brought to film could be its greatest detriment.

WARNING:  I’m going to try and not reveal too much as far as spoilers, but it’s safe to say that’s going to be difficult in a movie this awesome.  I’m just going to want to grab you and shout, “Oh my God, Arrow Guy!”  So if you’ve seen the movie or just want to read about someone who has, join us in the link below!

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