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Welcome to the world, Helena Christine Collins!

A belated congratulations to Robot 6 contributor Sean T. Collins and Missus Collins on the sooner-than-anticipated, but welcome, birth of their daughter Helena Christine Collins! As Sean notes on his blog, although she wasn’t expected until May 2, Helena “shipped early,” arriving on Friday.

On the website Destructor, his webcomic collaboration with artist Matt Weigle, Sean posts a piece of wonderful fanart created for the occasion by Isaac Moylan and adds: “Insofar as Ms. Collins is currently being kept alive and thriving by mechanical intervention — albeit of a variety both less thorough and less fashion-forward than what you see here — a drawing of her as a tiny, jolly cyborg is not entirely inappropriate. I hope you’ll join me in wishing that she can soon doff her metaphorical suit of armor and join the human world at large.”

We hope you’ll join Robot 6 in wishing that and more for Sean and his family.

Congratulations to Jennifer de Guzman and Brian Belew

Mateo Bernard de Guzman Belew

Mateo Bernard de Guzman Belew

Congratulations to SLG Publishing’s Jennifer de Guzman and her husband Brian Belew on the birth of Mateo Bernard de Guzman Belew, who was born on Jan. 15. “Brian and I are in enchanted with him,” Jennifer wrote on her LiveJournal.

Congratulations Adrian Tomine!



The Drawn and Quarterly blog announced yesterday that the Optic Nerve cartoonist and his wife, Sarah Brennan, recently welcomed into the world a baby girl, Nora Emiko Tomine. We here at Robot 6 say congratulations to the new parents and wish them the best of luck.

Congratulations to Lauren Weinstein and Tim Hodler


The Goddess of War cartoonist and Comics Comics editor and critic are now the proud parents of a bouncing baby girl, Ramona Salley Hodler. Congrats to the whole family and here’s hoping you get some sleep in the days ahead.

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