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‘Toy Story’ characters combine to form Woody Robo Sheriff Star


Voltron may be enjoying a revival on Netflix, but in the battle of super robots, Pixar fans will undoubtedly side with Woody Robo Sheriff Star.

Debuting at this weekend’s Tokyo Toy Show, this collaboration between Disney and Bandai’s Tamashii Nations combines Woody, Rex, Bullseye, Slinky Dog and Hamm from “Toy Story” to form a 9-inch robot. Why is there no Buzz Lighyear? It’s a mystery for the ages.

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SH Figuarts debuts scary-good Harley Quinn & Joker ‘Suicide Squad’ figures


Tamashii Nations has debuted two new “Suicide Squad” figures for the Joker and Harley Quinn, modelled very closely after Jared Leto and Margot Robbie as they appear in the film.

The figures are being released under the 6″ S.H. Figuarts line, and come with accessories from the film, such as a baseball bat for the Harley figure, and two pink pistols for the Joker.

No further details have been revealed at this time, but it’s likely the figures will sell for somewhere between $79.99 and $94.99 USD each, like other toys in the line.

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All this Tony Stark action figure is missing is a tiny glass of scotch


We’ve seen more than our fair share of Iron Man action figures (seriously, let’s dial just a smidge), but Tony Stark? That’s as rare as a unicorn … a bearded, wisecracking unicorn. However, Bandai is about to change that with this upcoming release from the S.H. Figuarts Iron Man 3 line.

Yes, that Marvel Studios sequel came out three years ago, but we’re not complaining, because instead of the umpteenth armored variant, we’re getting the billionaire philanthropist playboy himself!

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Black Widow leaps into SH Figuarts ‘Age of Ultron’ lineup


Nearly a year after Bandai unveiled its core line of S.H. Figuarts action figures for Avengers: Age of Ultron — Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and the Hulk — Black Widow is about to join the team. Hey, better late than never. Right?

Standing just under 6 inches tall, the figure boasts 20 points of articulation, two pistols, twin stun batons and interchangeable palms.

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This ‘Dragon Ball Z’ Vegeta figure actually vibrates (with fear)


Dragon Ball Z fans will undoubtedly recall the episode in which Vegeta, realizing he couldn’t defeat Frieza, trembled and cried. In case rewatching the scene wasn’t enough, now it’s been captured in a new figure Bandai.

The 4.5-inch HG Vegeta features a vibrating display stand so you can relive the moment for as long as the battery holds out.

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This ‘Star Wars’ Luke Skywalker figure offers ‘A New Hope’


Bandai takes us back to Tatooine with its new S.H. Figuarts Star Wars: A New Hope Luke Skywalker action figure.

Priced at a relatively reasonable $52 or so, the figure comes with interchangeable palms and heads (I’m not entirely sold on the smiling expression), a lightsaber, a training droid and a blaster helmet — just in case you want to recreate the training session on the Millennium Falcon.

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Cowabunga! These Ninja Turtles figures look pretty amazing


It seems like new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles collectibles are vying for our attention every other week, but these figures from Bandai’s S.H. Figuarts line will undoubtedly earn a special place in the hearts — and on the shelves — of fans of the original cartoon.

Looking as if they stepped out of the television screen, circa 1987, the Leonardo and Donatello figures stand 6 inches tall, and feature interchangeable hands and faces, plus custom accessories (Leonardo comes with swords, holsters and a manhole cover, while Leonardo has his staff and a pizza slice).

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These Hello Kitty x Mazinger Z toys will conquer the world


As if Hello Kitty weren’t already a global merchandising juggernaut, she’s now merged with super-robot Mazinger Z to form a virtually unstoppable force.

In an animated video that’s sure to rattle the world, Bandai trumpets the new Hello Kitty x Mazinger Z collaboration, the apparent result of Chogokin Hello Kitty … colliding with the super-robot in the street? However it happened, we end up with a Mazinger Z toy painted in Hello Kitty colors and sporting red bows and her familiar emblem, and a Hello Kitty toy in the Mazinger Z colors, with a pop-open cockpit and a minifigure that fits inside.

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‘Dragon Ball Z’ is getting adorable LEGO-like minifigures


Although they aren’t quite LEGO Dragon Ball Z minifigures, these Figmes from Bandai are certainly the next-best thing to them.

Set for release in March in Japan, the first wave features Goku, Super Saiyan Son Goku, Vegeta, Super Saiyan Vegeta, Piccolo, Krillin, Frieza and Cell.

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‘Dragon Ball’ fans, summon this 6.5-foot Shenron plushie


The long, versatile and undoubtedly soft Shenron plushie Dragon Ball fans have wished for is finally here. You did make a wish, right?

Produced by Bandai, the Shenron plushie measures about 6.5 feet long from nose to tail, and boasts the dragon’s signature features (stag antlers, whiskers, etc.). It also boasts internal joints, so you can curl up Shenron to create a pillow, or a scarf. Or you can just cuddle with him, because what’s cuddlier than an enormous fanged dragon?

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‘Star Wars’ Royal Guard joins Tamashii Nations line of samurai figures

royal guard10

It seems like only last month that we were marveling at the ronin Boba Fett action figure, but now Tamashii Nations has unveiled another new addition to the Meisho Movie Realization Star Wars line: the Akazonae Royal Guard.

Based on the crimson-robed elite unit that guarded the Emperor in Star Wars, here they’re given a Japanese feudal makeover, with detailed samurai armor, a force pike and a katana. Their front robe pieces are also removable.

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Gundam wages war on hunger, wallets with new cafe and store

gundam square1

After more than three decades, Gundam shows little signs of slowing down. Amid the international celebration of the model kit’s 35th anniversary, Bandai is debuting a combination cafe and store devoted to Gundam in Suita, Japan.

Opening Nov. 19, the 3,860-square-foot Gundam Square will feature a Gundam-themed menu, which includes “Char Zaku Curry,” a substantial shop stocked with merchandise, and exhibition space.

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Figuarts’ Ultron figure is on its way to menace the Avengers


More than five months after the debut of the core SH Figuarts action figures for Avengers: Age of Ultron — Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and the Hulk, but no other heroes — Bandai has finally revealed their opponent. Y’know, the homicidal robot from the film’s title.

Standing about 6.9 inches tall, Ultron looks incredibly detailed, and incredibly menacing (for comparison, the Hulk figure is 9 inches tall). Available for preorder for about $58 from Tamashi Nations, the SH Figuarts Ultron is expected to ship in May 2016.

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Boba Fett is a ronin on a mission in this new ‘Star Wars’ figure


Boba Fett is the most feared bounty hunter in feudal Japan in this fantastic addition to Bandai’s Meisho Movie Realization line of Star Wars action figures.

Sculpted by Takeyuki Takeya and Junichi Taniguchi, the Mandalorian warrior is reimagined as a lordless ronin, armed with a flintlock-style blaster, a sword, a removable backpack missile, four interchangeable hands, and an assortment of smaller blades.

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Toys R Us brings classic TV Batgirl figure, more to Comic-Con


Toys R Us has revealed a lineup of Comic-Con International exclusives that includes a Batman classic TV series Batgirl action figure, a Batman vs. Harley Quinn set, and a first look at a new addition to Star Wars: The Black Series.

The retail chain has also announced a “Collector Vector,” a new shop dedicated to collectibles for “the mature collectible community,” featuring more than 100 items from the likes of Bandai, Diamond Select, Mezco Toys, McFarlane Toys and NECA. The new hub can be found at and in stores nationwide.

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