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Make your own Batman utility belt, without breaking the Bat-bank

utility belt1

Batman has a keen mind, impressive skills and a sweet ride, but he’s nothing without his utility belt. OK, maybe not nothing, but his costume would look pretty weird without it.

In the latest episode of DIY Prop Shop, host Odin Abbott sets out to make a replica of the Dark Knight’s utility belt — but not just any one. No, this is the belt from the 1989 Tim Burton film. “I like that belt because it has more of a comic-book feel to it,” Abbott explains.

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This custom Batmobile PC case is Gotham’s finest

pc mod1

Although this sleek little Batmobile may look like part of the never-ending avalanche of merchandise tied to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it’s actually a custom PC case.

Built from scratch by thechoozen and his friends for the Batman v Superman casemod challenge at MSI Forums, doesn’t boast all the fire- and horse- power needed for crimefighting, but what it does have is 16GB of RAM and a GTX 960 Gaming 4G graphics card. Plus, oh, yeah, working lights.

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Comics A.M. | Salt Lake Comic Con to take FanX events to Asia

Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience 2014

Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience 2014

Conventions | The producers of Salt Lake Comic Con are expanding westward, and taking their FanXperience spinoff event to Asia. Organizers have announced a partnership with Pop Life Entertainment, the parent company of Funko, to hold FanX events this year in the Philippines (June 10-12), China (Sept. 14-17) and Thailand (Dec. 11). Salt Lake co-founder Bryan Brandenburg said Pop Life has an agreement with a Hollywood talent agency to bring “A level” guests to the Asian shows as well as to Salt Lake Comic Con. [The Salt Lake Tribune]

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Fully Functioning LEGO Bat-Signal Lights Up Times Square

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 12.16.27 PM

The lights of Times Square just got a little bit brighter thanks to the Dark Knight… and LEGO.

On yesterday’s episode of “Good Morning America,” The Art of the Brick artist Nathan Saway unveiled a life-size replica of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s” Bat-Signal built entirely out of LEGO bricks. Standing over 7-feet tall, the floodlight is fully functional, meaning Commissioner Gordon (or, J.K. Simmons) could really use the toy prop to call Batman himself.

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Even ‘Batman v Superman’s’ watch ads are epic


It’s safe to say you won’t see a more thrilling watch commercial than this one for Police Lifestyle’s new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice line.Yeah, I know, that’s a pretty bold claim.

Backed by a pounding score, the promo juxtaposes footage from the Zack Snyder film and closeups of the limited-edition timepieces. It will leave you struggling to resist the urge to buy a watch, and possibly punch a superhero.

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Batman kisses Superman in sweet Coheed and Cambria video


The Dark Knight and the Man of Steel may fight in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but in the new video for Coheed and Cambria’s song “Island,” their relationship takes a different path.

The video follows a Times Square Batman who meets an amateur Superman when a tourist pays them to stage a fight. However, later fists and sparks fly as the Caped Crusader leaps to the rescue of the Man of Steel when he’s harassed by a couple of unsavory costumed critters.

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Smell like the Dark Knight with this Batman body spray


We know what Batman looks like and we have have numerous options for what he sounds like, including Christian Bale, Ben Affleck, Kevin Conroy and Adam West. But how does the Dark Knight smell?

Don’t think too long about it (please!), because India’s Vanesa Care has introduced special-edition Batman body spray as part of its Denver brand. Spoiler: If you guessed “sweat, wet leather and regret,” you’re wrong.

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Rejected ‘Batman ’89’ comic would’ve picked up where Burton left off


Amid the success of Batman ’66, Joe Quinones and Kate Leth had hoped to revisit another fondly remembered era from the Dark Knight’s on-screen past in Batman ’89. Alas, DC Comics passed on their miniseries pitch.

However, Quinones has shared some details and proof-of-concept art from the proposal that will undoubtedly make fans of the Tim Burton films sigh over what might’ve been — including a depiction of Billy Dee Williams as Two-Face.

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This sleek car may be the closet we’ll get to a Batmobile


For when your actual Batmobile is in the shop, Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM has unveiled the X-Bow GT Black Edition.

Introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland, the X-Bow GT looks as if it drove straight out of the Batcave. It’s been described by multiple auto sites as having a “sinister appearance,” which is all the better to strike fear into the hearts of criminals.

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Hot Toys unveils life-size ‘Batman v Superman’ replicas, more


Following the debut Wednesday of a half-dozen Batman v Superman Cosbaby figures, Hot Toys has released photos of a massive Dawn of Justice display that includes life-size replicas of the Batmobile, Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman and Armored Batman with the Bat-Signal.

It’s from the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice x Festival Walk Mall Event being held through April 10 in Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong.

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Comics A.M. | ‘Bad Batman’ arrested in string of armed robberies


Crime | Deputies in Orange County, Florida, have arrested a man suspected of committing eight armed robberies — two of which while dressed as Batman. Investigators say 26-year-old Juan Carlos Nieves Morales — dubbed the “Bad Batman” — kicked off the string of crimes on Jan. 22, targeting Dollar Stores, food stores and even a paint shop. He allegedly entered the businesses armed with a black or silver handgun, and demand cash, and sometimes even property, from the employees. [CBS12, WDBO]

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Cuteness dawns with full ‘Batman v Superman’ Cosbaby series


Brace yourselves for an overload of cuteness. After teasing us with photos from Toy Soul 2015 and official images of an Armored Batman and Superman collectible set, Hot Toys has unveiled its full Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Cosbaby series — including Wonder Woman and Aquaman.

Hey, you were warned!

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Artist offering $5K reward for stolen Bill Sienkiewicz Batman art


Original Batman artwork by Bill Sienkiewicz has been stolen. The unidentified thief reportedly tore open the package carrying the art, while it was being shipped to a client in France.

Chicago-based artist and art dealer Sal Abbinanti informed CBR of the news, and noted that he’s offering a $5000 reward for anybody who’s able to return the piece.

Take a look at Sienkiewicz’s stellar work below:

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This aluminum recreation of the 1966 Batmobile is literally brilliant


Countless comic fans have headed out to the various auto shows across America over the decades to see the Batmobile in person. But this weekend, fans in Detroit can get a look at the iconic roadster as it’s never been rendered before: in full aluminum.

Facebook user Hot Rod Valdez headed out to the first day of the Motor City’s Autorama show and snapped pictures of a custommade tribute to designer George Barris’ legendary car created for the 1966 Adam West Batman TV series.

No more info on the brilliant creation is publically available at present, but Detroit area fans can check out Autorama (which has a history of Batmobile appreciation), and everyone else can peek a few pics after the jump.

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This Armored Batman is the figure your collection needs right now


We’ve already seen some high-caliber Armored Batman action figures from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, a few of which carry price tags so hefty you might be forced to choose between food and collectibles. However, now Square Enix has unveiled a Play Arts Kai version that looks nice but won’t necessarily break the bank.

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