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Real-life ‘Arkham Knight’ Batmobile races across Europe


After their Batman Tumbler was forced by mechanical problems out of the 2014 Gumball 3000, Saudi Arabia’s Team Galag has returned to the famed motor rally with the appropriately named Batmobile 2.0.

While the previous vehicle was based on the Christopher Nolan films, the new one draws inspiration from Batman: Arkham Knight. Beneath the carbon-fiber body lurks a Lamborghini Gallardo, with a 5.2L V10 engine, which is unquestionably enough for the mean streets of Gotham. However, will it propel the Batmobile 2.0 to victory Friday in Bucharest?

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This futuristic Batmobile concept is the ride Batman deserves


Although directors Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder favored a tank-like Batmobile, for most of the Dark Knight’s 77-year career, his vehicle has been sleek and futuristic in its design … with the occasional oversized bat-like wings for effect. Bulgarian designer Encho Enchev manages to merge both approaches in this beautiful concept for a new Batmobile.

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Watch Conan O’Brien take the Batmobile for a spin


The bad news is that Conan O’Brien’s car is in the shop. The good news is that he can rent the Batmobile from Batman v Superman for just $5 more than a Chevy Malibu. Who could possibly pass that up? Not O’Brien and Andy Richter, as we see in this cold open from TBS’s Conan.

We learn a few surprising things from the segment: Bruce Wayne is a fan of the Spin Doctors (Pocket Full of Kryptonite, naturally); the Batmobile has an ingenious cloaking device; and you should really be careful which buttons you push in the cockpit.

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Batman fan transforms his Mitsubishi Lancer into the Batmobile


After spending more than two and half years and $2,800 on modifications, one Batman fan has unveiled his own Batmobile. Well, it’s actually his family’s Mitsubishi Lancer, but it definitely screams “Batman.”

The black compact car belongs to 48-year-old Scott Russell of Johnstone, Scotland, who definitely has an eye for detail: Bat-symbols grace the wheels, grill, headlights and headrests, with a much larger version stretched across the doors. The Dark Knight himself keeps watch from the hood.

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Cuteness is this Cosbaby Batmobile’s not-so-secret weapon


Although we’ve known for a few months that a Batmobile would be released as part of Hot Toys’ Cosbaby line of Batman v Superman collectibles, I’m not sure anyone was prepared for how darned adorable it is. Seriously, just look those itty-bitty machine guns!

It’s part of the new Batman and Batmobile Cosbaby Collectible Set, which will undoubtedly be able to defeat Superman, Lex Luthor and Doomsday with its cuteness alone. Of course, if that’s not enough, there are sill those machine guns.

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Batmobile 3D cufflinks are the rage among billionaire vigilantes


Even at the most staid formal affairs, you can signal your readiness to fight crime — and possibly break into the Batusi — at a moment’s notice with these classic Batmobile 3D cufflinks.

While they’re not flashy (save that for your nighttime escapades), they are elegant and memorable. Boasting a matte black finish and a fixed-back closure depicting a new play on a classic DC Comics logo, the cufflinks are perfect for a soiree at Wayne Manor or a board meeting at Wayne Enterprises.

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This custom Batmobile PC case is Gotham’s finest

pc mod1

Although this sleek little Batmobile may look like part of the never-ending avalanche of merchandise tied to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it’s actually a custom PC case.

Built from scratch by thechoozen and his friends for the Batman v Superman casemod challenge at MSI Forums, doesn’t boast all the fire- and horse- power needed for crimefighting, but what it does have is 16GB of RAM and a GTX 960 Gaming 4G graphics card. Plus, oh, yeah, working lights.

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This sleek car may be the closet we’ll get to a Batmobile


For when your actual Batmobile is in the shop, Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM has unveiled the X-Bow GT Black Edition.

Introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland, the X-Bow GT looks as if it drove straight out of the Batcave. It’s been described by multiple auto sites as having a “sinister appearance,” which is all the better to strike fear into the hearts of criminals.

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This Batmobile travel case will make any kid the envy of Gotham


Don’t be surprised if you see more than a few adults at the airport dragging this Batmobile travel case behind them — y’know, for their kids. Because everyone wants to be the goddamned Batman, even in economy class.

Produced by Welly, this may be the best Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice merchandising tie-in to date. Seriously, just look at the attention to detail given to something intended to hold socks and underwear. It even boasts tiny machine guns on the front, undoubtedly intended to ward off grabby hands at the baggage carousel.

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Supreme Court won’t hear Batmobile copyright dispute

#1 Batmobile, Superheroes, gadgets, Cable Cutter, Bat-Ray Projec

The U.S. Supreme Court this morning declined to review a ruling that the Batmobile isn’t merely an automobile, but rather distinctive enough to warrant copyright protection.

Mark Towle, who previously created unlicensed replicas of the 1966 and 1989 Batmobiles, petitioned the high court in January to consider his five-year-old dispute with DC Comics. The company had sued Towle in 2011, claiming his Gotham Garage violated its trademarks and copyrights by manufacturing the replicas, which he sold for about $90,000 each.

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This aluminum recreation of the 1966 Batmobile is literally brilliant


Countless comic fans have headed out to the various auto shows across America over the decades to see the Batmobile in person. But this weekend, fans in Detroit can get a look at the iconic roadster as it’s never been rendered before: in full aluminum.

Facebook user Hot Rod Valdez headed out to the first day of the Motor City’s Autorama show and snapped pictures of a custommade tribute to designer George Barris’ legendary car created for the 1966 Adam West Batman TV series.

No more info on the brilliant creation is publically available at present, but Detroit area fans can check out Autorama (which has a history of Batmobile appreciation), and everyone else can peek a few pics after the jump.

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‘Batman v Superman’s’ Batmobile blasts into ‘Rocket League’

rocket league-batmobile

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will race into Rocket League next month with an official Batmobile Battle-Car.

The popular sports-action game brings together racing and soccer, as players are equipped with rocket-powered vehicles to crash into large balls to score goals.

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Supreme Court asked to consider Batmobile copyright case

#1 Batmobile, Superheroes, gadgets, Cable Cutter, Bat-Ray Projec

A manufacturer of unlicensed Batmobile replicas has petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to determine whether Batman’s signature vehicle is indeed protected by copyright.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Mark Towle of Gotham Garage filed a writ of certiorari today asking the justices to review his nearly five-year-old dispute with DC Comics.

Towle, who produced replicas of  the 1966 and 1989 Batmobiles that sold for as much as $90,000 each, was sued in 2011 by DC, which claimed copyright and trademark infringement, trademark counterfeiting and unfair competition. Towle had argued that the U.S. Copyright Act doesn’t protect “useful articles,” defined as objects that have “an intrinsic utilitarian function” (for example, clothing, household appliances or, in this case, automobile functions); in short, that the Batmobile’s design is merely functional.

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This Batmobile-like concept car would make Bruce Wayne drool


The FFZERO1 looks like the Batmobile, and can even drive itself like the Dark Knight’s signature ride. However, you won’t find any room for Robin (or Catwoman) in this one-seater.

Officially unveiled this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the sleek concept car by Faraday Future — the California startup calls it “a car of concepts” — is a high-performance electric vehicle boasts a top speed of more than 200mph (0 to 60 in less than three seconds), making the pursuit of The Joker and his crew a snap.

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Hot Toys unveils ‘Batman v Superman’ Batmobile, teases figures


Ahead of the official debut on Friday at Toy Soul 2015 in Hong Kong, Hot Toys has unveiled the first images of its Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 1/6th-scale action figures and Batmobile.

Expect more photos later in the week, but for now we get a look at both the exterior and interior of the (of course) highly detailed Batmobile, as well as a blurry shot of two of the Dark Knight and Man of Steel figures.

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