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Is the Bat out of the bag?

Batman: Battle for the Cowl #2

Batman: Battle for the Cowl #2

Did Tony Daniel accidentally spoil the big mystery of the DC Comics miniseries Batman: Battle for the Cowl?

Be warned: This post obviously contains potential spoilers.

On his blog this morning, the writer/artist posted his proposed redesigns for the Batman and Robin costumes, which include notes about color schemes and special features.

“Batman was a no,” Daniel wrote in the post, which since has been deleted. “They didn’t want the all black, which I understand. But I thought it would be a cool change, and he’d still be recognizable as Batman. Looks a little (or a lot) like the movie version. Robin’s costume was chosen, but the hooded cape was decided upon after this sketch. I have more lying around, different angles. I just need to dig and right now I don’t have time.”

But the potential spoiler appears in his handwritten note on the Batman sketch: “Pitch black cape can envelope _____ & hide him completely.”

To fill in the blank, click “more.”

Warning: There are potential spoilers beyond this point.

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