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Comic Couture (for a Cause) | Dean Haspiel vs. Juvenile Diabetes

The Quitter artist Dean Haspiel and NerdyShirts have teamed up to “slam” Juvenile Diabetes with a new shirt featuring Haspiel’s Bill Dogma.

Haspiel has a personal connection to Juvenile Diabetes, as his brother passed away due to complications from the disease.

“At the age of nine, my brother, Michael Haspiel, discovered he had Juvenile Diabetes,” Haspiel told the site. “Having to instantly become strictly aware of his diet and take insulin injections 2-3 times per day greatly altered the quality of his life and our family. Suddenly desserts were a thing of the past and candy was a sin. However, changing what you eat when you eat and how you eat was only the tip of the iceberg. Having any disease challenges your attitude about life and every decision you make and it’s not easy to control no matter how disciplined you are. Hell, people can get Diabetes by sitting around and gaining weight.”

The shirt costs $35. Profits from this shirt will be split evenly between NerdyShirts, Haspiel and Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Talking Comics with Tim | Seth Kushner & Chris Miskiewicz

Trip City

As long as I have been covering the comics industry,  it seems like I have always found reasons to support the work of Dean Haspiel and/or his many talented associates. So when Trip City, a Brooklyn-filtered literary arts salon, launched at the start of last month it struck me as a good time to reach out to the founders for an email chat. While Trip City has four key members (Haspiel, Seth Kushner, Chris Miskiewicz and Jeffrey Burandt) the bulk of the discussion involved Kushner and Miskiewicz, with a brief check-in by Haspiel (discussing the start of a new Billy Dogma story, The Last Romantic Antihero [TLRA]). Haspiel also gave me a head’s up on a December 8 TLRA live reading at BookCourt at 7 PM (163 Court St  Brooklyn, New York 11201/718-875-3677).

Tim O’Shea: When did TRIP CITY first get conceived–and how did the two of you come to be involved? How early in the planning was it determined that a podcast would be important to the venture?

Chris Miskiewicz: Dean was leaving Deep6 and starting a new studio. Seth Kushner and I were the first people he asked along. Although my film schedule is always in flux and I wasn’t sure how often I’d actually be there, the idea of sitting around others and not being by myself writing appealed to me. So we formed HANG DAI Studios.

If you put three creative people in a room together stuff happens. What happened was TRIP CITY. We spoke about the concept for about five months. Who would be a part of it, what we’d do, how we’d do it. We didn’t want to revamp ACT-I-VATE but we did want comics, along with prose, fiction, a web-series, and a podcast. What we did was create a multimedia site that catered to our individual interests blending them together into a whole.

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