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Bobby Timony shares his Wonder Twins pitch


Wonder Twins Zan and Jayna have made a few appearances since the cancellation of the Super Friends TV show and comic book in the early ’80s. Robert Washington III and Tom Morgan added them to Captain Atom’s Justice League in Extreme Justice, they showed up on Smallville, and most recently they popped in to audition as Beast Boy’s replacement on Teen Titans Go!.

If Bobby Timony (The Night Owls) had had his way, they would’ve also appeared in a short story he pitched to DC Comic. He doesn’t say exactly what it was for and why it didn’t get picked up, but he recently shared the story on his blog, with the first four pages colored by Jordie Bellaire. Check out part of “Wonder Twins” below, and visit Timony’s blog for the rest.

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SDCC ’13 | Peter and Bobby Timony talk ‘Detectobot’



With multiple new Monkeybrain Comics titles launching today to mark the digital publisher’s second year, expect Detectobot, the new series by brothers Peter Timony and Bobby Timony (Zuda’s Night Owls), to receive a lot of attention for one word in particular: free. That’s right, the Timony brothers and Monkeybrain are offering the prologue to the new series  for free on comiXology, beginning today.

As part of ROBOT 6’s coverage of today’s Monkeybrain announcements, we spoke with the Timony brothers about the development of the their world’s greatest detective, who happens to be a robot, and why they wanted to offer the prologue for free. They also shared some preview pages from Detectobot.

Tim O’Shea: Beyond the natural “Yippie!” response, please describe your reactions when you found out the prologue to Detectobot was going to be available for free on comiXology. Or was that actually your decision to make to a great extent?

Peter Timony: We requested it, and the fine folks at Monkeybrain agreed. We wanted to do a freebie to entice new readers. It’s a lesson we learned from all of our years selling crack.

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All-ages ‘Monster Elementary’ launches Kickstarter campaign

"Monsters Elementary" panel by Canaan Grall,

“Monsters Elementary” panel by Canaan Grall,

There’s Monster University, Monster High and soon, with a little help from Kickstarter, Monster Elementary.

Written by Nicholas Doan, the graphic novel is an all-ages comedy adventure about five monster children — there’s a vampire, a werewolf, a laboratory-constructed girl, a mummy and a lagoon creature — who are forced to attend public school after their private monsters-only institution is raided by the FBI.

The 90-page book will feature short stories illustrated by the likes of Josh Gowdy, Canaan Grall, Lee-Roy Lahey, Bobby Timony, Daniele Serra, Cal Moray and Patty Variboa. You can read the first six issues for free by downloading Emanata to your iOS or Android device.

Doan is seeking $19,000 to cover production and printing, payments to artists, pledge rewards, etc. The campaign ends Aug. 7.

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Straight for the art | Bobby Timony’s Popeye pitch

Popeye by Bobby Timony

Popeye by Bobby Timony

Bobby Timony, co-creator of the Zuda strip Night Owls, shares some artwork for a Popeye pitch he created some years back, featuring Popeye and a 10-year-old Swee’ Pea going on a treasure hunt. There’s also a giant robot, which is always a bonus in my book.

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