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Comics A.M. | Is a battle over Thanos building? Tim Marchman redux


Creators | Following the appearance of the Infinity Gauntlet in Thor and the cameo by Thanos in The Avengers, Marvel appears poised to expand the cosmic elements of its cinematic universe with The Guardians of the Galaxy. While some fans eagerly await a movie announcement next week at Comic-Con International, Thanos creator Jim Starlin (who had to buy his own tickets to Thor and The Avengers) may be laying the groundwork for a legal challenge: Heidi MacDonald points out that Starlin has posted an early drawing of the Mad Titan on his Facebook page, writing, “This is probably one of the first concept drawings of Thanos I ever did, long before I started working at Marvel. Jack Kirby’s Metron is clearly the more dominant influence in this character’s look. Not Darkseid. Both D and T started off much smaller than they eventually became. This was one of the drawings I had in my portfolio when I was hired by Marvel. It was later inked by Rich Buckler.” [The Beat]

Comics | Tim Marchman, author of that much-discussed Wall Street Journal article, is at it again, this time interviewing Watchmen editor Len Wein about his work on Before Watchmen, and including the interventions of DC Comics Publicity Manager Pamela Mullin as part of the story. Between the embargo on the comic and Mullin doing her job, it sounds like the most interesting parts of the interview never made it into the final product. [The Daily Beast]

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Start Reading Now | Brain Rot

You know what’s the only thing better than being BoingBoinged? Being on BoingBoing every day. That’s the happy position Ed Piskor is in; his new comic Brain Rot debuted there on Tuesday. Unlike his Boingthump! and Deleterious Pedigree, Brain Rot is in color, but it still manages to look like one of my old Zap Comix, an illusion that Piskor helps along by framing using a yellowed-newsprint background and mimicking the colors and textures of old-tyme four-color printing. God only knows that this is about—there’s only one page up at the moment—but Piskor usually takes us on a pretty wild ride.

If you have a minute, check out his Steve Jobs comic, a single page done in the same style as Brain Rot.

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