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Ryan North’s To Be Or Not To Be smashes Kickstarter record [Updated]

Illustration from "To Be Or Not To Be," by Anthony Clark

As the final hours tick down on the Kickstarter campaign for To Be Or Not To Be, cartoonist Ryan North’s Choose Your Own Adventure-style take on Hamlet has raised more than $481,000 — that’s 2,405 percent of its $20,000 goal — easily breaking the crowdfunding platform’s record for most successful book project.

As we reported last month, To Be Or Not To Be will allow (adult!) readers to be one of numerous characters from William Shakespeare’s play, including the ghost of Hamlet’s father. “Also,” the Kickstarter page offers, “unlike Shakespeare I didn’t skip over the pirate scene in Hamlet. You get to fight PIRATES. With SWORDS.  And yes OF COURSE you can choose which body part you cut off. Why would you write a book where you can’t do that is my question.” What’s more, North enlisted an all-star roster of artists — ranging from Kate Beaton and Kazu Kibuishi to Vera Brosgol and Dustin Harbin — to illustrate the prose book.

In an article this morning on examining the blockbuster success of the campaign, North notes, “No [publisher] would drop hundreds of thousands of dollars on getting this book made because you don’t know if the audience will show up for it, and you have to front all these costs. The better you want to make the book, the riskier it gets. But with Kickstarter, we know the audience is there when we make these decisions.”

Talking with Laura Hudson, Tom Helleberg of New York University Press predicts, “It probably won’t be long until Kickstarter (or something similar) completely replaces the slush pile and agents when it comes to filtering submissions. Then presses are going to have to figure out how on Earth they are going to attract successful authors who are effectively earning 100 percent royalties on self-produced projects.”

Update (11 a.m. PT): Since this post was published, an additional $20,595 was pledged to the project, bringing the tally to more than a half-million dollars. Eighteen hours remain in the campaign.

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Nielsen closes E&P and Kirkus Reviews, sells other trade papers [Updated]

Editor & Publisher

Editor & Publisher

In yet another blow to the newspaper and publishing industries, Nielsen Business Media will close Editor & Publisher and Kirkus Reviews.

The news accompanied an announcement that Nielsen is selling its other trade publications, including The Hollywood Reporter, Billboard, Adweek and Mediaweek, to e5 Global Media, a new company formed by Pluribus Capital Management and Guggenheim Partners.

Romanesko has the memo sent out by Nielsen CEO Greg Farrar.

Founded in 1901, the monthly E&P chronicled the goings-on of the newspaper industry, from circulation to technology to comic strips. Pre-Internet, the magazine was the source for finding journalism jobs.

The 76-year-old Kirkus Reviews was a well-respected journal for pre-release book reviews, featuring about 4,500 titles a year. It has long been considered an indispensable source for libraries, agents, booksellers, and film and television producers.

No date was immediately given for the closings.

Update: According to an article on the E&P website, staff members will stay through the remainder of 2009.

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