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Will plagiarism affect Shia LaBeouf’s planned BOOM! project? [Updated]

labeouf-campaign bookThe connection between actor Shia LaBeouf and the comics world predates Monday’s revelation that he appropriated — without credit, permission or the legal rights to do so — much of Daniel Clowes’ Justin M. Damiano for his short film In 2012, he self-published a few comic books, which received mostly perplexed reviews.

It also appears that, at least at one point, LaBeouf planned to bring a release from his Campaign Book imprint to BOOM! Studios.

On Dec. 4, 2012, LaBeouf announced on his @thecampaignbook Twitter account that a book titled Hotah had picked up a “publishing partner,” BOOM! Studios. Accompanying the tweet was a piece of art (above) with the BOOM! Town logo — it’s the imprint that released Shannon Wheeler’s Eisner-winning collection I Thought You Would Be Funnier — with a version of the same image, logo intact, used as LaBeouf’s Twitter background.

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Comics A.M. | The rising stars of IDW; Alvin Lu leaves Viz Media

IDW's The X-Files

Publishing | The X-Files is in the headline, but this interview with IDW Publishing Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall covers a lot of ground, including the logistics of continuing a defunct TV franchise as a comic, the standouts among IDW’s young creators, and the challenges of being a comics writer. [Hero Complex]

Publishing |  Alvin Lu has left his position as executive vice president of the manga publisher Viz Media. Lu had been at Viz for 13 years and was one of the top executives in the company, reporting directly to CEO Hidemi Fukuhara. [ICv2]

Comics | The graphic novel Metro, once banned in Egypt, is available in Cairo once more. [The Comics Reporter]

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This weekend, it’s the Alternative Press Expo

The Alternative Press Expo, or APE, returns to the Concourse Exhibition Center in San Francisco this weekend. The show’s special guests are Groo creator Sergio Aragonés, Flood creator Eric Drooker, all three legendary Hernandez Brothers, The Cardboard Valise creator Ben Katchor, jobnik! creator Miriam Libicki, and Weathercraft creator and giant pen owner Jim Woodring, all of whom have spotlight panels over the course of the two days. In addition, other guests attending the show include Shannon Wheeler, Stan Mack, Justin Hall, Derek Kirk Kim, Jason Shiga, Thien Pham, Jamaica Dyer and many more.

In addition to the spotlight panels, the show has panels on politics and comics, censorship, queer cartoonists and a “Gigantes” meet-up with the Hernandez Bros. and Aragones. They also have workshop panels if you’re interested in making comics and a “creator connection” that allows aspiring creators to find writers or artists to work with.

The show is usually one of my favorites of the year, mainly because it’s so easy going and loaded with opportunities to discover something new and cool. Here’s a round-up of some of the folks you can see and buy cool stuff from at the show, as well as things to do inside and outside of the Concourse:

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Rich Tommaso brings Pete and Miriam to BOOM!

Rich Tommaso has had a varied career—his Satchel Paige: Striking Out Jim Crow (written by James Sturm) won an Eisner and several Glyph awards, and he has had a long relationship with Gary Groth and Fantagraphics; currently he is re-coloring Carl Barks comics for Fanta’s collected edition of Barks’s works.

Yet for some reason, Tommaso has had a hard time getting his work published in the U.S.—until now. Yesterday, BOOM! Studios announced that they will publish Tommaso’s graphic novel Pete and Miriam in March under their BOOM! Town imprint. Pete and Miriam has already been published in French, and his bio lists a Spanish edition due out in 2013. “I kept working on it because I had this contract in France but no one was biting on it here,” Tommaso told Tom Spurgeon in an in-depth interview at The Comics Reporter in November. “I went to Angouleme last year and it was amazing how many people came up to me and talked to me about the book. They wanted to know when a second one would be out. There was a lot of excitement for it.” Let’s hope American readers warm to it as well—Tommaso is an artist whose time has come.

‘I thought it would be funnier if I got left off the Eisner ballot’

Voting for the Eisner Awards kicked off late last week, which is open to all professionals in the comic industry. The online ballot had an error on it — Shannon Wheeler‘s I Thought You Would Be Funnier was left off the humor category. It’s since been corrected, but not before some people had already voted. And not before Wheeler had the opportunity to have some fun with it:

Professionals who have already voted online at can change their votes any time before June 13, while voters who elected to download the PDF ballot and mail it in need not worry, as that ballot was unaffected by the error.

BOOM! Studios, publisher of the Eisner-nominated graphic novel under their BOOM! Town imprint, have made it available online to be read for free, and are also giving away physical copies to eligible voters — email with your eligibility status to have a physical copy sent to you.

Shannon Wheeler signs three-book deal with BOOM! Town

Too Much Coffee Man

Too Much Coffee Man creator Shannon Wheeler has signed a three-book deal with BOOM! Town, the “lit comix” imprint of BOOM! Studios.

As a part of the deal, BOOM! will publish a new collection of Too Much Coffee Man stories, subtitled “Cutie Island & Other Stories,” as well as a follow-up to last year’s I Thought You Would Be Funnier, a collection of Wheeler’s rejected New Yorker cartoons. The third book is an original graphic novel titled Grandpa Won’t Wake Up, written by simon max hill and illustrated by Wheeler.

Too Much Coffee Man started as a self-published minicomic in the 1990s, and was self-published by Wheeler until it was picked up by Dark Horse a few years later. An omnibus collecting four volumes of the series is due from Dark Horse in July. The comic has also been adapted into an opera.

BOOM! announced their BOOM! Town imprint last year. You can find the full press release after the jump.

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What Are You Reading?

Changing Ways

Welcome to this week’s edition of What Are You Reading?, and a big thanks to Chris Mautner for helping out last week.

Our special guest this week is Larry Young, AiT/Planet Lar publisher and one of the editors behind the Kickstart Comics. To see what Larry and the rest of the Robot 6 crew have been reading, make with the click below …

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BOOM!’s Too Much Coffee Man mug commercial

BOOM! Studios has put together a promo video for the Two Much Coffee Man animated mug that they’re releasing under their BOOM! Town imprint, featuring some of the talent around their office.

CBGB confirms comic coming from BOOM! this July



CBGB has confirmed something I posted about back in January — that they are indeed working with BOOM! Studios on a CBGB comic book. In fact, this week at South by Southwest, they’re handing out copies of a single page CBGB comic by Jesse Blaze Snider and Chuck BB.

The four issue mini-series will kick off this July with a cover by Jaime Hernandez. The anthology will include contributions from Ana Matronic of the band Scissor Sisters, Kieron Gillen, Oscar-nominated screenwriter Kim Krizan, Chuck BB, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Rob G, Sam Humphries (go Sam!), Marc Ellerby and more.

“BOOM! is all about delivering fantastic work that’s not found anywhere else,” says editor Ian Brill. “The comic industry needs an outlet for the type stories found in CBGB, and we’re happy to be the ones working hard to bring these stories to smart, discriminating readers.”

“BOOM! got what we were about” says Louise Staley of CBGB. “Our attitude jumps off every page.”

“The club was as much about those in the mosh pit as it was the bands that played there,” adds Robert Williams of CBGB. “The narrative in this series celebrates both.”

The comic will come out under BOOM!’s new BOOM! Town label and will be collected into a hardcover in November. Check out a PDF of the one-pager from SXSW after the jump.

Via Ron Richards

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Talking to Chip Mosher about BOOM! Town

Boomtownlogo1A few weeks ago we learned that BOOM! Studios, publisher of everything from Mark Waid’s Irredeemable series and Farscape to Disney/Pixar comics like The Incredibles and Cars, was branching out into the alt.comix arena. Their new imprint, BOOM! Town, will publish and market “literary comics,” selective reissues of out-of-print works and merchandise.

Their first few projects include:

  • A Too Much Coffee Man mug.
  • A political satire/collection of prose pieces and artwork called Repuglicans.
  • I Thought You Would be Funnier, a collection of Shannon Wheeler’s rejected New Yorker cartoons.
  • A reissue of a set of 36 trading cards by R. Crumb that were originally released by Kitchen Sink Press in 1991.
  • A reissue of The Grasshopper and the Ant by Harvey Kurtzman.

The line is being overseen by BOOM! publisher/co-founder Ross Richie and their marketing director Chip Mosher. I interview Mosher via email over the last week about the new imprint, what their plans are for it and the online reactions to one project in particular. My thanks to Chip for his time.

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BOOM! Town to put the ‘Ugli’ in Repuglicans



What coincidental timing … just as the mainstream media and right-wing blogosphere are taking a closer look at the contents of Captain America #602 comes a press release from BOOM! Studios on a new BOOM! Town project that could very well turn their heads as well.

Called Repuglicans, the book will feature “completely unfair and not balanced” commentary and creepy caricatures of “Republican Party leaders and apparatchiks.” If you’ve ever imagined Ann Coulter as an alien or Glenn Beck as a zombie, here’s the book for you. Pete Von Sholly provides the art, while comedian Steve Tatham provides commentary.

You can read the entire press release after the jump.

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How about some coffee in a Too Much Coffee Man mug?

Too Much Coffee Man mug

Too Much Coffee Man mug

Yesterday we learned that BOOM! Studios was kicking off a new imprint called BOOM! Town, under which they’ll release “literary comics” projects as well as merchandising. One of the first products they’ll release is a Too Much Coffee Man coffee mug, featuring Shannon Wheeler’s famous creation.

Its appearance changes when you fill it with a hot beverage, though I’m not sure which of the above mugs represents the before and which one represents the after (I assume an empty mug = death, and thus the skull).

BOOM! launches new ‘literary comics’ imprint, BOOM! Town

Robert Crumb trading cards

Robert Crumb trading cards

Publishers Weekly reports that BOOM! Studios is launching a separate imprint called BOOM! Town, under which they plan to publish and market “literary comics,” selective reissues of out-of-print works and merchandising. And they’re working with a couple of well known names in this area: former Kitchen Sink publisher Denis Kitchen and Too Much Coffee Man creator Shannon Wheeler.

Although their publishing plans are still being finalized, they’ll start off by reissuing a set of 36 trading cards by R. Crumb that were originally released by Kitchen Sink Press in 1991. They also plan to release a Too Much Coffee Man mug and I Thought You Would be Funnier, a collection of Wheeler’s rejected New Yorker cartoons that can be read online at the Activate site.

It also sounds like they may be publishing some of Harvey Kurtzman’s work, based on this quote from Kitchen:

“Denis Kitchen Publishing has four R. Crumb card sets that are perennials, [Harvey] Kurtzman’s The Grasshopper & The Ant and other books that could do much better in the marketplace with a real company’s attention. So I’ve entered into a distribution arrangement with Boom! to free myself more to represent clients as a literary agent but also to do more directly creative things like writing and packaging new books.”

It’s been a big week for BOOM! news; in addition to BOOM! Town, they’ve also got a Samuel L. Jackson-written series on the way, a new ongoing featuring Scorpius from Farscape and something in the works with CBGB.

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