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Ambitious ‘Borb’ explores the ‘slapstick vagabond archetype’


Jason Little launched his ambitious webcomic Borb earlier this year, telling the story of a homeless man through a series of four-panel comic strips — an homage to Great Depression-era newspaper strips like Little Orphan Annie and Gasoline Alley. In April, Uncivilized Books will release a 96-page collection of the strips.

Courtesy of Uncivilized Books, ROBOT 6 is pleased to present a preview of Borb. Check out the preview and some additional information from the publisher below.

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Uncivilized Press unveils spring lineup


Uncivilized Press has announced its spring 2015 lineup of graphic novels, and it’s well worth a look. There are just three books: Borb, by Jason Little, whose previous works chronicled the adventures of Bee in Shutterbug Follies and Motel Improvement Service (you can read an excerpt of the latter here); Vincent Stall’s Robot Investigator, a story about a robot wandering through a planet that’s like Earth but with only feral humans; and True Swamp: Book 2, by John Lewis.

Full descriptions and additional covers can be found below.

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Jason Little gets his hobo on with ‘Borb’


Who said the daily comic strip is dying? Whoever it was apparently didn’t tell The Shutterbug Follies cartoonist Jason Little, who recently launched his third serialized strip Borb.

In this new project, Little has dispensed with his titular photographer Bee from his previous two strips in favor of a mangy but lovable vagrant and a scratchy, black-and-white art style. Launched on March 18, new installments of Borb are released Monday through Saturday, with each week a story of its own.

Quietly launched on his blog BeeComix, Borb looks to be a mightily raucous piece of cartooning  in both story and in style.

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