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Talking Comics with Tim | Peter Krause on return of ‘Insufferable’



Hard to believe, but this month marks four years since I first interviewed artist Peter Krause about his return to comics. More immediately, today marks the return of Mark Waid and Peter Krause’s Insufferable at Thrillbent 2.0 with a new arc, “On the Road.” Through Thrillbent 2.0, Insuffereable: On The Road is free to view and download or embed — there are plenty of ways to enjoy the somewhat reconciled father-son team of Nocturnus and Galahad (seemingly led by the smarter than both of them, Meg). In addition, there are bundled editions of the first Insufferable arc (with extras) for sale at

Tim O’Shea: How did Mark Waid convince you to try working in a then-relatively new medium like digital comics on Insufferable?

Peter Krause: The main attraction was that I’d get to keep working with Mark. I really valued the time we’d spent on Irredeemable for BOOM! I stepped away from that book because of time constraints — I was doing non-comics work that was making it harder to bring an “A” game to Irredeemable.

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Quote of the Day | Brian K. Vaughan’s mom reviews Saga #1

From "Saga" #1, by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples

“My mother read the first issue, and her review was, ‘Well, I made it through the whole thing.’ My poor beleaguered Catholic mom would just like me to write nice stories for children, but she’s always very supportive.”

Saga writer Brian K. Vaughan, responding to a question about the sensibility of the Image Comics space opera, which features humanoids with television sets for heads, a ghost girl with dangling intestines and a pleasure planet named Sextillion

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