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The Fifth Color – New Practice

the fifth colorDoctor Voodoo: Avenger of the Supernatural is yet another book to cash in on that ‘Avengers’ gold that does New, Mighty, the Initiative and Dark so well these days but it doesn’t really need it.  Jericho Drumm doesn’t need a byline for being Sorcerer Supreme, the job title should be enough.  I also don’t think he should be so quick to tack on his PhD.  Sure, it’s in Psychology and that’s nothing to sneeze at, but that degree will do him jack all in the days to come.

Having been chosen specifically by the Ancient One for the power/responsibility gig of the century, Brother Voodoo (again, no offense to the Doctorate but Brother Voodoo is a much cooler moniker and his actual brother’s spirit is such an essential part of his character; besides, it’s not like anyone calls Speedball ‘Penance’…) has taken the role rather quickly and with little fanfare.  He still wants to go back to his job at the clinic, he grabs whatever magics he can (even scary dark stuff) to patch up holes in the barriers between this world and the next and if Doctor Doom shows up, well he’ll add him to his To Do list.  There’s no messing around in his first issue, no lingering doubts no fond retelling of his origin, it’s right to business.

It’s about time.

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