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A comics professor shows us his Shelf Porn


It may be Saturday, but for today’s Shelf Porn class is in session. Matt Silady, chair of the California College of the Arts’ MFA in Comics Program, shares his robust collection of graphic novels and trade paperbacks, which also serves as a lending library for his students. Matt’s a comic creator himself, whose The Homeless Channel was nominated for an Eisner a few years back.

You can find out how to submit your own shelves to us right here. And no let’s hear from Matt …

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APE ’12 | Saturday at the show


The Alternative Press Expo, or APE, kicked off today in San Francisco, and I made the trek up north to partake in comic culture-dom. I missed the show last year, and in fact haven’t been to a comic convention since SDCC in 2010, so it was fun to get back into the con groove. And APE is just the place to do it, with its laid back vibe and focus on making, buying and talking about comics.

Like I said, I missed last year’s show, so I have no idea how the crowds compared or the size of the place compared. Since I first started attending the show in 2007, they’ve switched up the layout of the place, and it seemed much bigger, with more exhibitors, than it has in the past. There seemed to be a bunch of people there, many with kids, and the folks exhibiting who I talked to for the most part seemed to be happy with the turn out. The weather was beautiful, which can sometimes be a hindrance; San Francisco doesn’t have that many days per year where there’s lots of sunshine and it’s very warm outside, so you never know when someone might decide to hit the park instead of, say, a convention. It’ll be interesting to hear what the CCI folks say about attendance this year

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