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This week brings aliens, zombies, celebrities and lemons

cwfw-logoThis week seems to be a bit quieter than the last few. Don’t get me wrong; there’s still plenty of stuff out there to draw you into the comic shop, but looking at the Diamond list wasn’t quite like drinking from the proverbial fire hose this time around.

On the first issue front, Wildstorm kicks off a new Sherlock Holmes mini called Victorian Undead, while Marvel has an Inhumans mini tying into their Realm of Kings event. Red 5 has Drone (which I think came out last week, didn’t it? At least at my local shop), BOOM! has a Farscape ongoing and a mini called Nola, and IDW has a tie-in for the upcoming Legion movie … which isn’t about Saturn Girl, but about angels. There’s also a Dr. Horrible one-shot from Dark Horse, a new creative team on Thunderbolts and, I believe, the last of the List books from Marvel … this one featuring Spider-Man. Oh, and country star Trace Adkins gets his own comic. Hey, if it worked for Tori Amos and Gerard Way, why not?

Looking at the stuff with a spine, Dark Horse brings Alien Legion back into print, DC’s Battle for the Cowl and Marvel’s Destroyer get collected, and AdHouse releases what’s already being named one of the year’s best books.

And there’s much, much more … click on the link below to see what Chris, Kevin and I have to say about this week’s releases.

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This week sees the return of Strange, the Punisher, Doc Savage and Casper

cwfw-logoThis week brings a whole slew of first issues and new graphic novels to comic shops on Wednesday.

Marvel alone has six new series kicking off this week: PunisherMAX, Dark X-Men, S.W.O.R.D., Strange, Sky Doll: Doll Factory and Realm of Kings: Imperial Guard. DC, meanwhile, launches a whole new world with the Batman/Doc Savage Special, catches folks up on the Authority’s “lost year” with the Authority Lost Year Reader and brings the Modern Warfare video game franchise to comics. There’s also Tracker from Top Cow, a new Casper series from Ardden Entertainment, Ghoul and a new Locke & Key series from IDW, a new WALL-E series from BOOM! (which is technically a “zero” issue) and Supergod from Avatar.

And if you’re looking for something a bit longer and more self-contained, there’s Beast from Image, an Absolute Justice collection from DC, the Luna Park OGN from Vertigo, the Steve Ditko Archives from Fantagraphics and many, many others … it’s a pretty big week at your local comic shop.

To see what Chris, Kevin and I have to say about this week’s comics, keep reading …

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This Wednesday, the spies and rockers come in from the cold

cwfw-logoThis week is a good one for fans of espionage and spies, as Marvel releases a new Black Widow miniseries; Vertigo gives us the further adventures of Fabletown’s resident spy, Cinderella; and Titan collects the old James Bond newspaper strip into a giant omnibus. If danger is your business, business is good.

Rock stars, meanwhile, are kind of like super spies, only with guitars and groupies instead of guns and Bond girls. And this week sees several rockers releasing books, as Anthrax’s Scott Ian tackles a new Lobo miniseries, Zak Sally of the band Low does Like a Dog and the second issue of Kill Audio by Claudio Sanchez of the band Coheed and Cambria hits shelves.

Several new series kick off this week; in addition to what I listed above, there’s also a new Age of Reptiles series, a Great Ten miniseries, Charlie Huston’s Deathlok, another Oz series from Marvel, Psylocke and Iceman minis, and the long-awaited Stumptown. And wrapping up this week are Marvel’s Strange Tales anthology, Dark Horse’s End League and Witchfinder, Tyrese Gibson’s Mayhem, Iron Man Armor Wars and Boys Herogasm.

These only scratch the surface of what you’ll find in stores this week. To see what Kevin, Chris and I are keeping an eye out for, read on …

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This Wednesday, you will believe a boy can lie

cwfw-logoThis week’s comics are an eclectic mix, for sure, but there’s a heavy dose of Halloween-inspired horror … from the “raise the dead” X-crossover that kicks off in Marvel’s X Necrosha to the so-simple-it’s-brilliant idea behind Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer, coming from SLG tomorrow. DC gives us another issue of Blackest Night, Radical fights back against the undead in The Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency #1 and Jennifer Love Hewitt even gets in on the action with a Twilight Zone-style book about a haunted music box. Speaking of celebrities, Halloween and comics, Marvel collects Bill Hader and Seth Meyers’ Short Halloween comic into a hardcover with stories from Amazing Spider-Man Family.

Also hitting stores this week are several first issues — DC has a new World’s Finest miniseries, Red Sonja gets promoted to Queen Sonja by Dynamite, Dark Horse gives us more Groo and Ares fights his way into his own mini. This week also sees some endings, several minis wrap up, including Last Days of Animal Man, Killapalooza, Marvel Divas and Ambush Bug.

To see what Chris, Kevin and I have to say about this week’s releases, read on …

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Cowboys, ninjas, vikings, presidents and King rule in this week’s comics

cwfw-logoWell, I guess technically three of those five run rampant in one comic this week — the aptly named Cowboy Ninja Viking #1, due this week from Image. Also debuting in comic shops this week is a new Azrael title from DC, another Stand miniseries from Stephen King and Marvel, and the Talisman miniseries from Del Ray, based on the Stephen King/Peter Straub book of the same name.

Other notable floppy releases include DC’s Justice League #38, the first issue by James Robinson and Mark Bagley, and Oni’s Resurrection #4, where a former president joins the cast. Hey, at least they didn’t try to jump on the already overloaded Obama bandwagon. There’s also a handful of second issues I’m personally looking forward to — Beasts of Burden, Underground and Spider Woman.

And trade waiters have a lot to look forward to this week as well: Legion of Three Worlds, Garth Ennis’s series of Battlefield miniseries, the Vertigo Uncle Sam series, Wolverine Noir and Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers get the hardcover treatment, while softcovers of recent issues of Jonah Hex, Superman, Thunderbolts, Echo and War Machine arrive. And comic strip fans can scratch their Family Circus itch with the first of IDW’s mammoth collections of the series.

To see what Chris, Kevin and I have to say about this week’s loot, read on.

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Sink your teeth into this week’s comics

cwfw-logoWith only a couple of weeks to go until Halloween, publishers are releasing several horror and holiday-related comics to read by the campfire on a foggy night, under the covers with a flashlight or next to a creaky door as the wind howls behind you. Or you could just read them during the day, I suppose, but where’s the fun in that?

This week Vertigo offers up a Halloween special featuring several of their character, including the first look you’ll get at the Mike Allred-drawn I, Zombie series. They’ve also finally collecting the vampire mini Blood and Water. Image has The Perhapanauts Halloween Spooktacular and a one-shot featuring supernatural hero Hector Plasm. IDW has a new Clive Barker book, Seduth 3-D, as well as the collection of the “little grey men” series Groom Lake. And Marvel collects the Mephisto Vs. miniseries, which features the Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four and X-Factor going toe-to-toe with Marvel’s version of the devil.

And there’s a lot of non-horror stuff this week, too — everything from the return of Magneto to the first issue of The Anchor to the American debut of Kodansha.

To see what Chris, Kevin and I are looking forward to conjuring up on Wednesday, read on …

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This week Planetary wraps up, Haunt kicks off and Criminal returns


It’s another “big” comics week, and by that I mean we see a lot of big releases pretty much across the board. Image brings us the first issue of Haunt, the new series by Robert Kirkman, Ryan Ottley, Greg Capullo and some guy named Todd McFarlane who I think makes action figures or something. Oh, and he also created Spawn and Venom.

This week also sees a lot of other returns: Doug Moench and Kelley Jones return to Batman, Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips return to their Criminal series, Bloom County returns to print, the Star Comics characters return with the X-Babies, and last but certainly not least, Planetary finally returns to comic shops for its long-awaited final issue.

To see what Kevin, Chris and I have to say about this week’s releases, read on … and don’t forget to tell us what you’re getting in the comments field.

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This week is just packed with new series, trades, hardcovers and werewolves

cwfw-logoIt’s a big week for collections and hardcovers, as publishers are no doubt starting to vie for your holiday dollars. Yes, it’s almost October, which means the Christmas decorations should start to roll out at your local Target any day now, if they aren’t already there. That also means we should see a lot of great high end — and no doubt high priced — items over the next few months.

This week brings Robert Crumb’s illustrated Book of Genesis, the third Hellboy Library Edition, a deluxe edition of the first two Fables storylines, Absolute Promethea, an Ultimatum premiere hardcover, a hardcover Avengers Invaders collection and the annual Best American Comics collection, among others. On the softer side, there’s the first High Moon collection, a new printing of Superman/Batman: Public Enemies to tie into the DVD that came out today and a reprinting of Howard Chaykin’s Power & Glory mini-series, among many others.

That’s not to say that regular ol’ comics are being left out in the cooler autumn weather … both Dark Reign and Blackest Night are well represented in this week’s releases, and we’ve got new Astro City, a giant issue of Justice League, an anniversary issue of Teen Titans, a new Bomb Queen mini, Die Hard, Spider-Clones and the big wrap-up of Andy Diggle’s Thunderbolts run.

To see what Kevin, Chris and I are looking forward to buying tomorrow, read on … and don’t forget to let us know what’s on your buy list this week in the comments section.

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Goodbye Wednesday Comics, hello Spider Woman and Underground

cwfw-logoThis is a huge week for comics, in terms of quantity — Marvel alone ships more than 50 books this week, if you include comics, hardcovers, trades, variants and second printings.

And it also looks like a good week in terms of quality as well. Several new series launch this week, not the least of which is Geoff Johns and Gary Frank’s Superman: Secret Origin, which redefines DC’s franchise player. Marvel’s long-delayed Spider Woman series launches as well, the “no iTunes required” version, while Jeff Parker and Steve Lieber’s Underground #1 hits shops as well. DC continues their relaunch of the Archie Heroes titles with The Web #1, while BOOM! rolls out another Muppets mini-series, Muppets Peter Pan.

But as new series begin, others come to an end; Madman Atomic Comics wraps up its run, Mark Millar and Steve McNiven wrap up their “Old Man Logan” story with a giant sized special, and the last Wednesday Comics hits shops. Hopefully that means we’ll have news about a collection soon.

To see what Chris, Kevin and I are looking forward to this week, just click below …

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This week, it’s giants, vengeance, and dogs and cats, living together …

cwfw-logoWelcome to another edition of Can’t Wait for Wednesday, our stroll through the new releases list for the week. Kevin’s handed over the reins to this particular stagecoach to me; he’ll still be along for the ride to share his thoughts on the week’s books, but I’ll be putting everything together, which means I get to write up the intro every week.

And what a week we’ve got. Dark Horse has two projects I’ve really been looking forward to this week: Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson’s animals-turned-supernatural-investigators book Beasts of Burden miniseries and Matt Kindt’s follow-up to Super-Spy, 3 Story: The Secret History of the Giant Man. DC, meanwhile, has some notable creative team changes this week, as JMS begins his run on The Brave and the Bold, while Philip Tan takes over the art chores on Batman & Robin. And Marvel’s Dark Reign moves into humorous territory with a M.O.D.O.K. tie-in, but Moon Knight and Dark Reign The List: Daredevil make sure that’s only a brief side trip.

To see what Kevin, Chris and I have to say about this week’s releases, read on, and let us know what you’re picking up in the comments section.

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It’s a big week for big news, thick books and (possibly) a supermodel mystery

cwfw-logoToday’s big news may have broken the Internet in half, but still New Comics Day marches on. Sure, it’s a day later than usual, but for that you should blame Labor Day, not Warner Bros.

It’s a good week for you wait-for-the-trade or missed-it-the-first-time types, as publishers wheel out collections ranging from Gotham Central and The Life and Times of Martha Washington to the Astro Boy Movie Adaptation and Guardians of the Galaxy.

In other spine-related offerings, Thursday also will see the release of volumes 1-6 of the cult-hit Yotsuba&! under the Yen Press banner, The Art of Tony Millionaire hardcover and a second volume of Love and Rockets: New Stories.

Looking for something smaller, but still entertaining? How about a Dead Space: Extraction one-shot, the debut of Nomad: A Girl Without A World or maybe — just maybe — the first issue of Models, Inc.?

To find out what other releases have Chris Mautner, JK Parkin and me talking, just keep reading. And, as always, let us know your picks in the comments below.

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This week, discover strange tales of alt-comix heroes and an antlered boy

cwfw-logoIndie artists stage a bit of a coup this week as Marvel finally releases its long-awaited Strange Tales anthology miniseries, by a who’s who of alt-comix creators, and Vertigo debuts Jeff Lemire’s unusual monthly title Sweet Tooth.

Wednesday also will see a solid roster of kids’ books, from The Toon Treasury of Classic Children’s Comics and a Little Lulu collection to the second volume of Kazu Kibuishi’s Amulet and The Incredibles: Family Matters trade paperback.

To find out what other releases have Chris Mautner, guest blogger Sean T. Collins and me talking, just keep reading. And, as always, let us know your picks in the comments below.

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Good-bye, Rex Mundi, and hello (again), Kevin Smith and King City

cwfw-logoThis week we bid farewell to one king and welcome another as Arvid Nelson’s Rex Mundi (“King of the World”) ends its six-year reign just as Brandon Graham’s King City returns, if in a different form.

If I wanted to drive the theme a little further into the ground, I might try to link Kevin Smith to the court jester. Instead, I’ll just point out that the filmmaker is back with the six-issue Batman: The Widening Gyre.

Wednesday also sees the end of Frank Quitely’s first stint on Batman and Robin — he’ll continue to provide covers — the debut of Junko Mizuno’s Little Fluffy Gigolo Pelu and a zero issue for The Incredibles.

To find out what other releases have Chris Mautner, JK Parkin and me talking, just keep reading. And, as always, let us know your picks in the comments below.

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This week is all about crime, sci-fi and the supernatural (the horror, the horror)

cwfw-logoCrime, horror/supernatural and science fiction (or at least science fiction-like) books, rather surprisingly, rule comic shops this week. Go figure.

Crime is well-represented by the launch of Vertigo’s crime imprint — led by Dark Entries and Filthy Rich — Ed Brubaker and Michael Lark’s final issue of Daredevil, the latest volume of Black Lagoon, and more Punisher titles than you can shake an AK-47 at.

Horror/supernatural fans certainly could do worse than the Warren Ellis graphic novella Frankenstein’s Womb, or the deluxe hardcover collection of J. Michael Straczynski and Gary Frank’s Midnight Nation.

And science fiction checks in with the fourth volume of Naoki Urasawa’s excellent 20th Century Boys, Yoshihiro Tatsumi’s alternate-history Ooku: The Inner Chambers, the final episode of The Middleman, and Days Missing, a collaboration between Archaia and Roddenberry Productions.

To see what other releases have Chris Mautner, JK Parkin and me talking, just keep reading. And, as always, let us know your picks in the comments below.

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It’s a big week for space adventure and Ultimate Comics, ultimately

cwfw-logoAs the title indicates, two themes emerge from the comics arriving this week: space opera and Marvel’s Ultimate Ultimate Comics line. That is, if you can consider a publishing imprint a “theme.”

Space opera is delivered in the form of DC Comics’ relaunched Adventure Comics (co-starring Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes), the second issue of Blackest Night (with two tie-ins), Starstruck #1, Star Trek: Nero and the Universal War One — Revelations hardcover.

As for the Ultimate line: Wednesday sees the debut issues of the relaunched Ultimate Comics Avengers and Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, plus hardcover collections of Ultimate Fantastic Four and Ultimate X-Men.

Beyond that? How about the much-discussed The Big Kahn? Or, if the stars, and Diamond, align, The Marvels Project #1? Maybe? Fingers crossed?

To see what other releases have Chris Mautner, JK Parkin and me talking, just keep reading. And, as always, let us know your picks in the comments below.

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