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Comics A.M. | Police seek more video of ZombieWalk crash

ZombieWalk crash

ZombieWalk crash

Legal | The San Diego Police Department is asking anyone with video of the July 26 car accident during the annual SDCC ZombieWalk: San Diego to come forward. Police already have several videos of the incident, in which a driver plowed into the crowd, injuring at least three people, but they are hoping to get additional information. [Fox 5 News]

Legal | A Tokyo District Court judge sentenced Hirofumi Watanabe to four years and six months in prison for sending more than 400 threatening letters to venues connected with the manga Kuroko’s Basketball. The 35-year-old man admitted during his first day in court that he had sent the threatening letters, but he also refused to apologize or pay restitution and says he does not feel guilty. [Anime News Network]

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Cool things to bookmark:


The recent passing of David Levine just underscores for me how the art of caricature (and editorial cartooning in general) is passing away rather speedily these days. Thankfully there are sites like, that celebrate the great newspaper art of yesteryear by folks like Thomas Nast, above, Honore Daumier and James Gillray. This is one of those sites it’s possible to get lost in very quickly. (via)

Your other video of the day: Nino Falanga, world’s fastest cartoonist

I dunno about world’s fastest, but that is pretty fast. Courtesy of Mike Lynch:

[Falanga] did work behind the camera, for the animation departments at MGM and UPA, and did live action film and TV work (both behind and in front of the camera) in the US, Italy and Spain.

Here he is on the American game show To Tell the Truth. The celebrity panel is composed of Kitty Carlisle, Durwood Kirby, Gene Rayburn and Peggy _____ (I forget her last name- she was on a zillion game shows in the 60s and 70s). While the celebrities are guessing who is the real cartoonist, the contestants are drawing caricatures of them.

Straight for the art | Immonen’s Flickr People


Check out this set of caricatures by Stuart Immonen based on pictures uploaded to Flickr’s “most recent photos” page. Apparently this is a daily exercise for him, so stop by often. (found via Dirk)

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