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Ride into a galaxy far, far away with a sweet “Star Wars” Corvette

Star Wars 7

If you’re a hardcore Star Wars fan and have a bit of disposable income, this is most definitely the car you’re looking for.

Ebay user easternvette has listed a used 1974 Corvette with a custom airbrushed Star Wars theme–with the current bid at $8,100.

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The best reason to visit Nappanee, IN

Smokey Stover's automobile

Smokey Stover's automobile

… is to see Smokey Stover’s car, apparently built by creator Bill Homan hisself.

Cool things to bookmark: CARzy


If, by some odd matter of happenstance, your love of comics just happens to coincide with a love of automobiles and all things pertaining to them, then you should by all means check out CARzy, a blog devoted to car-related comics and cartoons, particularly from such late, lamented magazines as (you guessed it) CARtoons. The blog is run by Nelson Dewey, who contributed 2,000 pages of material to these magazines (or so he claims). I found the above image by perusing his portfolio.

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