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Comics A.M. | Dark Horse to renumber B.P.R.D. with Issue 100

B.P.R.D. #100

Publishing | Dark Horse editor Scott Allie explains the publisher’s plan to start numbering B.P.R.D. sequentially, starting with #100, rather than as “an ongoing series of miniseries”: “The reason to make the change was in part how many times [San Francisco retailer and industry pundit] Brian Hibbs told me, ‘Well, really B.P.R.D. is an ongoing…’ And he’s right. Another part of the reason is that as we’ve moved into doing more short stories — two- or three-issue stories — we get those new issue #1’s too often. You do new #1’s to give readers jumping on points, but when they’re coming so quickly it becomes more confusing than anything else. Depending on how retailers rack, you could have two or three B.P.R.D. #1’s on the shelf at a time, and it’s hard for readers or retailer to know what to read next. So while I know it will cause a little confusion to suddenly have #100 out there, a few months down the road it’ll make everything simpler.” [Comics Alliance]

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Straight for the art | Jon Vermilyea’s He-Man

from Jon Vermilyea's He-Man and the 13 Trials of Eternia

from Jon Vermilyea's He-Man and the 13 Trials of Eternia

He’s done comics with Frank Santoro, made videos with Animal Collective, and forever redefined the way we look at Kool-Aid and breakfast foods in his buoyantly bizarre comics for MOME, but now cartoonist Jon Vermilyea is tackling something near and dear to the hearts of nerds everywhere: The Masters of the Universe!

Behold He-Man and the 13 Trials of Eternia, a gorgeous silkscreened 11″ X 8″ booklet featuring the Herculean labors of the hero also known as Prince Adam and illustrated in Vermilyea’s inimitable day-glo style. Only 21 copies of the book were produced, and by god I’m getting my hands on one of them if I have to sell my soul to Skeletor.

(Via Sean Belcher.)

Straight for the art: Monster Brains’ arcade art galleries

Centipede console art, courtesy of Monster Brains

Very, very hot back then.

Centipedes were hot back then.

Centipedes were hot back then.

Want a trip down memory lane that won’t even cost you a quarter? There may not be a deluxe line of hardcover reprints dedicated to the visionaries whose fervid fantasies festooned the arcades of your youth, but chances are these anonymous artists shaped your appreciation of cartooning nearly as much as the stars of any given DC Archive or Marvel Masterwork. Enter Monster Brains, one of the Internet’s great repositories of weird and wild art and illustration, curated by Aeron Alfrey (himself no slouch when it comes to macabre art). Over the past two weeks, Monster Brains has played host to a daily avalanche of arcade art from video games and pinball machines. It’s a veritable nostalgia button-masher, to be sure (Millipede! R-Type! Karnov!), but it’s also an inspiring look at an area of cartooning with seemingly no rules, where the goal was simply to stand out even among a sea of similarly lurid-looking games. Mission accomplished!

If an event comic came out looking like this, I'd by three copies of each issue

If an event comic came out looking like this, I'd by three copies of each issue

Strangeways: The Thirsty – Friday Update 6/12

This week’s bonus material takes us back to “Lone”, the second feature in the MURDER MOON graphic novel.

Development art by Gervasio for MURDER MOON

Development art by Gervasio for MURDER MOON

Interesting to see how they add character in the simple shapes so that you can still keep track of characters that, let’s face it, really look the same.  This is why they’re drawing and I’m not. You can see their whole story in STRANGEWAYS: MURDER MOON, in the story “Lone”, which takes the familiar werewolf story and turns it inside-out.

Oh, the winner of this week’s contest is Matt Bradshaw from the isthmuses of Gmail.  Give him a big hand!

Hope to start showing off artists for THE LAND WILL KNOW (aka STRANGEWAYS book 3) next week.  At least the samples that helped land them the job. We’ll see what comes of that. Need to exert more energy in getting the second book shepherded through the birthing and distribution process, though. But there will be something…interesting every Friday during the serial’s run.

And since we are coming to the end of a chapter, there will be a brief hiatus, which according to my calculations will start the week after next.  I’ll still be around, though.  Don’t you fret about that.

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