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NYCC | A round-up of news from Thursday (and before)

Green Arrow

The New York Comic Con officially opened its doors this afternoon, but comics publishers and distributors have been releasing announcements leading up to it all this week. Here’s a round-up of news from today, as well as some that hit earlier this week.

• DC Comics, who were having a pretty good week already, announced two creative team changes for the New 52. Ann Nocenti of Daredevil and Longshot fame will write Green Arrow starting with issue #7. She spoke to Comic Book Resources about her approach to the series: “I have a particular way of writing a comic. Comics are short. They are only twenty pages, so you can take a year of comics and that can be your opera, and the opera can have a lot of different passages in it. I kind of believe every issue should be a single story, just a complete story. But there is a momentum that forms like triptychs over it, and then it forms your big overtures, and then the whole thing ends up kind of operatic. I also want a beginning, middle and end, a classic short story approach to every single comic. What I do is I try to figure out, what is the kick in this comic, what is the main feeling I want to get, and everything in the comic has to serve that.”

• And Marc Bernardin (Monster Attack Network, The Highwaymen, The Authority) will take over the writing duties on Static Shock beginning with issue #7. “As a fan and as a writer, one of the great things about Static isn’t just that he’s a new hero, it’s also that he’s a young hero,” Bernardin told CBR. “He will make the mistakes of youth and, even though the New 52 is resetting a lot of heroes to their early days as do-gooders, there’s nothing quite like the fumblings of a teenager.”

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DC, General Mills team to bring Justice League to cereal boxes

Justice League: Unstoppable Forces #1

DC Comics has struck a deal with General Mills to include custom editions of Justice League in specially marked boxes of Big G cereals, The New York Times reports. The partnership is expected to be announced at New York Comic Con.

The publisher is printing a whopping 12 million copies of four Justice League books — “Unstoppable Forces,” “Artificial Invasion,” “Sinister Imitation” and “Breakout!” — featuring a classic roster of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash and Aquaman. (And they’re in their classic costumes, to boot!) The stories will begin in print and continue online at BigCerealHeroes.com, where you can get a sampling of the four titles.

The 24-page comics, by Scott Beatty, Paul Tobin, Doug Wagner, Joshua Williamson, Christian Duce, Derec Donovan and Bruno Redondo, are 5 inches by 7 inches and ad-free, except for a mention that they’re “brought to you by Big G cereals.” They can be found inside designated boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Honey Nut Cheerios, Lucky Charms, Trix, Golden Grahams, Reese’s Puffs and Cocoa Puffs.

The DC Comics promotion, which runs through October and November, will be supported with advertising in traditional media, online and through social media.

Straight for the art | Blackest Breakfast

Blackest Breakfast

Blackest Breakfast

Jeremy Wojchihosky creates the greatest super hero/cereal mash-up since the brilliant Breakfast of the Gods … Blackest Breakfast, featuring various cereal mascots as DC’s various Lantern characters.

As Caleb Goellner points out, the no-longer-produced Quisp mascot is the Black Lantern, while the Trix rabbit — who did whatever he could to get a hold of his precious, precious Trix cereal — goes orange. The Lucky Charms leprechaun also would have filled that role well. My favorite is probably the mascot of Fruit Loops as the head of the loopy Indigo Tribe.

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