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J. Scott Campbell drinks tiger blood and wins

Although best known for his hyper-stylized superhero artwork, J. Scott Campbell is a talented caricaturist. And sometimes that love of genre entertainment and portraiture combines — with a hint of tiger blood.

Inspired by the recent interviews with Two & A Half Men actor Charlie Sheen, J. Scott Campbell takes the actor’s “tiger blood” phrase and melds it with Thundercats in this inspired illustration on the right. Check out the artist’s DeviantArt page for this and a variety of work, including some amazing Lost portraits.

As of late, Campbell has been a cover artist for both Marvel and Zenescope. His next major interior project is a long-awaited Spider-Man story with writer Jeph Loeb, announced back in 2006.

The total bitchin’ rock star from Mars does Riverdale

Just remember he doesn't like small talk, girls

Oh my … as if Charlie Sheen’s troubles couldn’t get any worse, artist Fernando Ruiz details Archie’s worst nightmare. Keep him away from underage girls! Archie Comics sent this over, and I can only assume it’s a joke, rather than an upcoming storyline. Hopefully.

In any event, if you haven’t gotten enough of Sheen’s rantings, The Sheen Family Circus has mashed them up with Family Circus cartoons. Jeffy’s got quite the mouth on him.

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