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Christine Larsen gets real in ‘Sailor Moon’ fan comic


Cartoonist Christine Larsen keeps a busy schedule between drawing comics, doing magazine illustrations and compiling art books like the upcoming Orcs. Still, she finds time to send up her childhood heroes from time to time.

Happily Evar After is an inspired three-page comic Larsen created for a Sailor Moon fanzine called Moon Power. Although that zine is apparently on hold, Larsen wanted to get her story out in theworld and posted it on her minicomics Tumblr MicroCosmics. And the story she chose … well, imagine if Tuxedo Mask forgot his anniversary with Sailor Moon.

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Comics A.M. | This weekend, it’s Wizard World Chicago

Wizard World Chicago

Conventions | Wizard World Chicago Comic Con kicks off today with a guest list that includes Stan Lee, George Perez, Neal Adams, Greg Capullo, Humberto Ramos, Carlos Pacheco, Barry Kitson, David Mack and Chris Burnham. The convention continues through Sunday in Rosemont, Illinois. [Wizard World]

Creators | Cyriaque Lamar has a brief interview with Matt Kindt about Mind MGMT #0, which is being solicited now for a November release. (Issues 1-3 are already available.) Here’s Kindt on the look of the comic: “For this project, I wanted it to be less like you’re picking up a comic and more like you’re holding a story, right down to everything outside of the panels. I want it to feel interactive, something you don’t just drift into. I tend to read graphic novels over issues — I can’t remember thirty days ago from a bit of story. I wanted each issue something you’d go back to every month. My goal was give the book as much depth as possible to reward monthly readers.” []

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Cartoonist Christine Larsen debuts short story collection

In the serialized onslaught of stories appearing each week in your local comic shop and on your digital devices, the cozy yet potent power of short comics is often overlooked. But cartoonist Christine Larsen is pulling together stories she’s created for various anthologies into one place for her own short story collection, titled aptly enough, Short Stories. The collection will debut at Wizard World: Philadelphia at the end of this month, and the artist plans to then offer them online at her webstore.

Larsen is probably best known for the online comic Valentine she created with Alex de Campi, and she’s also contributed stories to Ape Entertainment’s Shrek and Kung Fu Panda series. Her work is a really inventive menagerie of styles that reminds me of an impressionistic Doug Wildey of Jonny Quest fame. I see her name pop up in anthologies, and I’m glad to see there will be a solid place to catch more of her work.

Larsen’s shared some preview pages of Short Stories on her website, which we’ve included below:

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Missed it: Webcomic shows Powerpuff Girls all grown up

Don’t ask me how I missed this when it originally came out years ago, but I recently discovered this fun little webcomic Powerpuff Girls: Battery Powered by a writer using the non-de-plum Northstar and artist Christine Larsen.

While it’s described by the artist as a “demented spoof off” of the classic Cartoon Network series, younger readers should be warned it contains violence, nudity and a heaping helping of crudeness. Of course, those who grew up during the original airing of the Powerpuff Girls are probably old enough — 18, please! — to enjoy this.

Although the chances of the creators being able to officially publish this are somewhere between slim and none, I applaud the attempt for creators to revisit work they’re familiar with and revise it for their own needs, a la League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Plus, I’ve always wondered what those three girls would be like all grown up.

Go over to DrunkDuck to read these comics, but be warned: 18 and older.

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