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Max Landis’ pitch for epic death and return of Superman comic


Chronicle screenwriter Max Landis, who last year released a 17-minute video rant about the death and return of Superman (featuring Elijah Wood and Mandy Moore), reveals that earlier this year he was approached by DC Comics to collaborate with Greg Pak on a weekly series that apparently would have rebooted that very storyline. However, because of Landis’ schedule and changes at DC regarding a weekly title, the project never went anywhere.

But now Landis has uploaded a nearly 43-minute video in which he enthusiastically lays out his ideas, act by act. “This is not a viral video,” the prologue cautions. “It is essentially longform fan faction and super dorky to the moon.”

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Chronicle’s Max Landis takes on the death and return of Superman

Screenwriter Max Landis, whose found-footage superpowers movie Chronicle topped the weekend box office, has released an entertaining 17-minute rant about, and recreation of, the death and return of Superman, featuring appearances by Elijah Wood and Mandy Moore, among others. The original version apparently was 45 minutes long, so what we get here are the highlights — along with a sly plug for Chronicle.

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Keron Grant shares exclusive art inspired by movie Chronicle

From "Heist," by Keron Grant

Superhero movies are certainly nothing new, but director Josh Trank and screenwriter Max Landis are taking a different approach to the genre. Described by some as “Paranormal Activity meets superpowers,” the “found footage” film Chronicle follows three high school friends who gain superhuman powers only to find their lives spinning out of control.

In anticipation of Chronicle‘s limited release on Feb. 3, the filmmakers asked several artists to interpret the movie’s central question: What would you do if you had superpowers?

Artist Keron Grant (Iron Man, Fantastic Four) was one of those asked, and he shared one of his illustrations exclusively with ROBOT 6. Titled “Heist,” it came about from Grant dreaming up a bank robbery if he had those powers. “Wonder what that says about me?” he said with a laugh.

Grant created several illustrations for Chronicle that will be released shortly, adding they will be “a bit more noble.” Some of the other commissioned art also cropped up recently on Bleeding Cool.

Check out Grant’s “Heist,” and the film’s trailer, below.

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