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Comico production artwork up for auction

Grendel cover proof

Late last year a huge batch of production art, proofs and other items from defunct comics publisher Comico was listed on eBay. Comico co-founder Gerry Giovinco, now with CO2 Comics, questioned whether the seller, Coyote Surplus, had the right to sell it.

“It always was Comico policy to return all art to the creators. If there is art that was not returned, we are in total agreement that it should be returned to the rightful owners of the work. If you are a creator that believes your work could be among this lot, we would suggest you fight to get it back,” he said on the CO2 blog in December.

So whatever happened to the big batch of Comico production art? In a post titled “Finder Keepers,” Giovinco offers an update on the art and other items — they’ve been purchased by Collector Haven in Arizona. Photos of many of the items can be seen at

According to a post on the site, Collector Haven bought more than 2,500 pounds of production artwork:

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Comics for Christmas?

At the CO2 Comics blog, Gerry Giovinco (who moonlights as Santa—who knew?) encounters a kid who wants comics for Christmas and wonders how he will find them.

Will his parents know to go to a comic shop and if they do will they be able to find comics that are age appropriate for this little guy? When I was a kid you could find comic books anywhere, especially ones that a kid could enjoy.

Are there enough comics out there in the market today to maintain the enthusiasm of a six year old? Sadly, probably not.

What have we done. What have we done to comics.

Actually, I think comics are better than ever. Gerry, bless him, waxes nostalgic for something that no longer exists: Single-issue comics printed on cheap newsprint, with a complete story in each one, sold on a spinner rack. Those comics are definitely gone. Even an Archie floppy costs three bucks nowdays, and most single-issue comics are anything but kid stuff.

But spinner racks, the single-issue format, and cheap paper are what the philosophers call “accidentals.” What Gerry really misses is comics that are FUN! Those we have in abundance, and they are readily available to children. G-Man, The Unsinkable Walker Bean, Papercutz’s Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, and Diary of a Stinky Dead Kid graphic novels, Babymouse, Knights of the Lunch Table, Stone Rabbit, Boom! Studios’ Pixar, Muppet, and Disney comics—there’s something out there for every age and taste. Gerry mentions that comics used to be a boys’ club, and some of these are definitely gendered, but there’s a girls’ club now as well. (Want more? Good Comics for Kids, of which I am a member, just released its Best Comics for Kids 2010 list.)

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Attention entrepreneurs!


CO2 Comics is a very new company; they just celebrated their first anniversary with some crazy talk about moving from web to print publishing. But the owners, Gerry Giovinco and Bill Cucinotta, have been around the block a few times; they were once the co-publishers of Comico Comics, from which CO2 draws some of its material. So to celebrate CO2’s first anniversary, they are taking a little trip down memory lane. Giovinco kicks it off with a look at the Thing costume he created, which was apparently a big hit in the summer of ’79, but even better is this week’s look at their inspirations for starting the company, which includes full text of some cool old comics articles and all six pages of >How To Start A Comic Book Empire. So go, read, set your time machine to 1978, and get ready to conquer the world.

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