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Super Mutant Brothers

It looks like Wolverine has gone down into the sewers one to many times.

Atlanta-based artist Casey Edwards has come up with a quartet of inventive prints mashing up Marvel’s X-Men with Nintendo’s flagship heroes, the Super Mario Brothers.  Wolverine/Mario, Cyclops/Luigi, Yoshi/Rogue and more are illustrated in this send-up of fodder for any kid growing up in the 80s and 90s. Check them out:

I never realized it until now, but Luigi and Cyclops truly are more alike than you think. But putting Yoshi as Rogue makes me question a lot of my thoughts as a teenager reading comics.

Exclusive: Paul Hornschemeier tests mutant mettle in Strange Tales II #2

As promised, here’s another preview page from next week’s Strange Tales II #2, Marvel’s sequel to their indie/superhero mash-up anthology. This page features Colossus vs. Colossus (Colossi?) by Paul Hornschemeier (Mother, Come Home; The Three Paradoxes).

Check it out after the jump, then be back at 11 a.m. Pacific for one more!

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