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IDW Publishing announces The Bloom County Library

Opus, from Berkeley Breathed's "Bloom County"

Opus, from Berkeley Breathed's "Bloom County"

IDW Publishing announced today the release of The Bloom County Library, a five-volume collection of Berkeley Breathed‘s well-regarded 1980s comic strip. The series will debut in October.

The books are part of the publisher’s Library of American Comics imprint, and designed by Dean Mullaney.

“Fans have pestered me for years for this ultimate Bloom County collection in that polite, respectful badgering way that only fans can manage,” Breathed said in a press release. “Thank God I can now tell them something better than just ‘please remove your tent from my lawn.’ I can say, ‘It’s coming!'”

The influential comic strip, which ran from Dec. 8, 1980, to Aug. 6, 1989, blended politics, cultural commentary, fantasy and humor, lampooning everything from AT&T and environmental activists to misguided government policies and televangelists.

The press release can be read after the break.

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