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Conan O’Brien heading to San Diego for Comic-Con 2015


While everyone else is trying to get a hotel room for this year’s Comic-Con International, Conan O’Brien is already planning for 2015.

TBS has announced he’ll head to San Diego July 2-8, 2015 for a week of shows, marking the first time a late-night talk show has broadcast from the annual event. Conan will set up at the historic Spreckels Theatre, just minutes away from the San Diego Convention Center.

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Reminder: Annual Comic-Con hotel rush kicks off this morning

The Oklahoma Land Rush of 1889

The Oklahoma Land Rush of 1889

If you purchased badges for Comic-Con International but haven’t received an email directing you to the Travel Planners hotel reservation website, it’s time to begin frantically searching your spam folder. That’s because, as we noted Friday, the annual free-for-all for discounted rooms begins this morning at 9 PT. That’s, oh, two hours from now …

If you didn’t receive, or can’t find, that email with the website link, the URL should appear on the Comic-Con International hotel page after 9 a.m. At that time you can also call 1-877-552-6642 or 212-532-1660 for assistance.

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The mad dash for Comic-Con hotel rooms is Tuesday

san diego

Now that you’ve recovered from the 90-minute marathon for badges, it’s time prepare for the next hurdle on the route to Comic-Con International in San Diego: the annual melee for discounted hotel rooms. As the little bird at the convention’s Toucan blog tells us, reservations open Tuesday at 9 a.m. PT.

More than 70 hotels, from Downtown San Diego to the airport to Mission Valley, are part of the convention block, offering room rates ranging from $152 to to $375 per night — up slightly from last year — the July 24-27 event.

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Kanigher, Mantlo and Mendelsohn to receive Bill Finger Award


Robert Kanigher, Bill Mantlo and Jack Mendelsohn have been named the recipients of the 2014 Bill Finger Award for Excellence in Writing, named in honor of the uncredited co-creator of Batman.

Although the committee typically selects one posthumous and one living honoree, this year it voted to recognize two living creators, Mantlo and Mendelsohn.

“This year, the judges couldn’t decide between two living recipients so one said, ‘Why don’t we just give it to both of them?’ And we decided to give it to both of them,” committee chair Mark Evanier explained in a statement. “They’re two men who deserve the honor and we figured, why make one of them wait until next year, especially in light of the fact that Bill Finger would have turned 100 this year? And as for our posthumous recipient, Robert Kanigher, that one’s long overdue.”

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Comic-Con badges go on sale this morning [Updated]

Art by Thom Zahler

Art by Thom Zahler

Badges for Comic-Con International 2014 go on sale this morning at 9 Pacific, kicking off the anxiety-inducing annual rite for tens of thousands of hopeful attendees.

This year sees a couple of major changes: First, of course, is the elimination of four-day badges, which organizers believe gives attendees more flexibility and will allow more people to attend each day. The second is the personal registration code, implemented to prevent ineligible members from entering the EPIC Registration waiting room and further bog down the process.

If you have a Member ID code but haven’t received an email containing your personal registration code and a link to the EPIC Registration landing page, you may want to take a peek in your spam folder. The landing page should be open now to allow hopefuls plenty of time to enter their code and authorize their device to enter the waiting room. (You don’t have to camp out there all morning, however; there are no advantages for being the early bird. As long as you’re there by 8:45 or 8:50 to do what you need to do, you’ll be fine.)

Toucan, the official Comic-Con International blog, has a lengthy Open Online Registration FAQ that will probably answer any last-minute questions you may have.

Good luck, everyone. We’ll be checking back in with frequent updates throughout the process (which last year went on for about 90 minutes).

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Comic-Con badges go on sale Saturday


The general public finally gets its shot at badges for Comic-Con International on Saturday morning.

Organizers have announced open online registration will begin shortly after 9 a.m. PT; the EPIC Registration landing page will open two hours earlier to allow hopefuls to enter their personal registration code and authorize their device to enter the waiting room. (The personal registration code and a link to the landing page will be sent by email to those with Member IDs at least 24 hours before badges go on sale.)

Confused by mention of the “personal registration code”? It’s been implemented to prevent ineligible members from entering the EPIC Registration waiting room and further bog down the process. Details can be found here.

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Comic-Con International opens ‘Early Bird Hotel Sale’


Comic-Con International has kicked off its “Early Bird Hotel Sale,” offering a limited number of rooms in Mission Valley and the airport area at special rates before general housing opens.

Beyond the geographic restrictions — no downtown rooms are included in the sale — there are some other notable conditions, including full, non-refundable “prepayment” at the time of the book. Nearly all of the hotels also require a minimum three- or four-night minimum stay. The early-bird rates expire on April 8, after which reservations are non-transferable.

Attendees staying Mission Valley and the airport area would need to take a 15- to 20-minute shuttle or cab ride to and from the San Diego Convention Center. Twenty-four-hour shuttle service to Comic-Con begins at 7 a.m. Thursday, July 24 and continues through 7 p.m. Sunday, July 27.

State Department webchat to focus on superheroes


Superheroes will move into the diplomatic spotlight Wednesday morning in a webchat hosted by the U.S. Department of State.

Called Superheroes@State, the live event will feature a discussion about comics and superheroes “as they relate to shared values in countries around the world,” with Comic-Con International’s David Glanzer joining Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs Evan Ryan in the CO.NX studio. Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa, creator of the Islamic superhero comic The 99, will participate remotely from Kuwait, while artist Dan Panosian will select his favorite submissions from an earlier contest.

CO.NX is a digital diplomacy team with the State Department’s Bureau of International Information Programs designed to engage audiences worldwide through webchats.

Superheroes@State is scheduled for Tuesday at 7:30 a.m. ET.

Evans, Hasen and Moldoff named to Eisner Hall of Fame

hall of fame

The Eisner Awards judges have selected trailblazing publisher Orrin C. Evans and Golden Age artists Irwin Hasen and Sheldon Moldoff for automatic induction this summer into the Will Eisner Comic Awards Hall of Fame.

Evans, who passed away in 1971, edited and published the first all-black comic book, 1947′s All-Negro Comics. Hasen, who created the comic strip Dondi with Gus Edson, drew the Golden Age adventures of such heroes as Green Lantern, Wildcat, the Flash and the Justice Society. One of Bob Kane’s primary ghost artists, the late Moldoff co-created such Batman characters as Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, Bat-Mite and the original Batwoman and Bat-Girl.

The judges also chose 14 nominees from which voters may select four to be inducted into the 2014 Hall of Fame:

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The line to San Diego starts this morning

Art by Thom Zahler

Art by Thom Zahler

Preregistration for the 2014 Comic-Con International in San Diego started at 9 a.m. Pacific today for those who attended the con this past July — and of course have a valid member ID/registration code.

According to many, many people on Twitter, registration seems to be progressing slowly but surely, with many excited to have bought their tickets already while others anxiously wait in the virtual line.

As Steve noted earlier this week, the purchase process has been changed from years past, adjusted with user feedback in mind. By far the largest shift in protocol is the change to a random distribution system as opposed to the first-come, first-served policy of the past.

The Comic-Con Twitter account has not been updated since 9 a.m., which is probably a good sign if you’re in the queue for tickets — no doubt the next update we’ll see will be the first notice of tickets selling out. I’ll provide updates as those occur.

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Comic-Con International 2014 preregistration sale begins Feb. 8


Let the madness begin: San Diego Comic-Con International badge sales begin this Saturday for a “preregistration” sale — meaning only those who bought a badge last year and have a valid member ID/registration code will be allowed to purchase badges. An email will be sent to eligible attendees with a registration code at least 48 hours in advance. While the actual sale doesn’t begin until 9 a.m. Pacific, attendees will have the opportunity to enter their codes starting at 7 a.m. to enter a waiting room.

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Clydene Nee, ‘the face and hands’ of CCI’s Artists Alley, needs some help

clydene neeAny creator who’s exhibited in Artists Alley at Comic-Con International over the past 24 years is undoubtedly familiar with Clydene Nee, who in the words of Mark Brooks is “the face and hands” of the area and “a true friend of the industry and of artists in particular.” An unpaid volunteer for the annual event since 1979, Nee has in recent years experienced a series of health problems, requiring her at last year’s con to oversee Artists Alley from a motorized scooter.

When she emailed Brooks over the weekend about a particularly difficult few months, involving kidney failure, emergency surgery, renal failure, dialysis and the need for a kidney transplant, the artist launched a campaign on GoFundMe to help Nee with her mounting medical expenses. (Nee has explained more about her situation today on her Facebook page, writing, “I am sorry to say I will not get better until I get a transplant. I am in what is called End Stage Renal Disease. My kidneys have failed and I am on dialysis 3 times a week.”)

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Comic-Con International explains elimination of four-day badges

comiccon_logoYesterday Comic-Con International announced it would sell only single-day badges for this year’s event, with the Preview Night option only being available to those who buy passes for all four days.

The change brought questions, the biggest being “Why?” — and on their blog organizers provided an explanation.

“The decision to move from a 4-Day badge option to single day badge options was to give each attendee more flexibility when purchasing,” the post reads. “Since we no longer offer a discount for purchasing all four days, the 4-Day option was repetitive and often lead to people purchasing a 4-Day badge despite not needing to attend every day. We hope this change will allow attendees to purchase only the days they truly need and maximize the number of people who can get a badge to attend Comic-Con.”

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Comic-Con International to sell only single-day badges


Comic-Con International organizers have announced that four-day passes will not be sold for this year’s event, and that the Preview Night option will only be available to those who buy badges for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The news arrives just a month after preregistration was postponed until early this year so EPIC Registration could “fine-tune” the online system that so often frustrates would-be attendees. No specific time frame was offered for when preregistration will be open to those who bought badges in 2013, only “sometime in early 2014.”

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Comic-Con postpones pre-registration until early 2014

comic-conTwo and a half weeks after informing attendees that pre-registration for Comic-Con International 2014 wouldn’t occur in November, organizers have announced they’re postponing the process until early next year to “fine-tune” the online system.

“Although we have been working around the clock with EPIC Registration, there is still room for improvement,” states the new update on the convention’s blog. “Because we want to have as fully developed a product as possible we have decided to postpone Comic-Con 2014 badge preregistration until early next year. We know this is a disappointment and are sincerely sorry for the delay. However it really is our hope to avoid some of the issues we’ve had in the past and the additional time will allow us and EPIC to best address those issues.”

Organizers say the hope to implement new features, including a shopping cart that “should allow you to hold available badge inventory for all members of your party during your registration session,” single-session purchasing for multiple badges, a unique registration code to help weed out the landing page and waiting room, and extensive load-testing.

Comic-Con International 2014 will be held July 24-27 in San Diego.

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