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You could own Dan Harmon’s Iron Man suit from Comic-Con

dan harmon-im1

If you read about, or saw, with envy Community creator Dan Harmon’s triumphant return to Comic-Con International wearing a custom-made, if somewhat haphazardly constructed, Iron Man costume, now’s your chance to make it your own. OK, maybe you don’t envy it; maybe you’re just a die-hard fan of Harmon or the NBC comedy. Whatever the case, the suit is being auctioned on eBay.

It’s legitimate, as the seller appears to be Rob Schrab, Harmon’s longtime writing partner and creator of Scud: The Disposable Assassin, and the Community creator announced the auction himself on his website. If you still somehow question the costume’s authenticity, the top of the chest plate is signed by Harmon and — better still! — it “Smells like Dan!” What more proof could you ask for?

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Dennis Culver draws Community’s Dean Pelton in all of his costumes

From "DEANfinity," by Dennis Culver

For the fan of NBC’s Community who has almost everything — seasons five and six and a movie are on backorder — cartoonist Dennis Culver has unveiled a poster depicting Dean Craig Pelton in all 34 of his outfits from the comedy’s three seasons to date. In chronological order, no less.

The piece will be part of PixelDrip Gallery’s “Six Seasons and a Movie” art show, to be held June 23-24 at Monk Space in Los Angeles, but you can preorder a 36-inch by 24-inch print for $40 through Culver’s online store. Posters will ship the week of June 18. See the full image below.

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‘Troy and Abed’s Dope Adventures’? Cool, cool, cool

If you’re still a little deflated by the absence of Community from NBC’s midseason lineupit will return … sometime — then this may pick you up: Megan Lara’s adorable Calvin & Hobbes-inspired illustration “Troy and Abed’s Dope Adventures” is available as a T-shirt from RedBubble.

(via Vulture)

Artist Aviv Or creates a Community/X-Men mash-up

Last year a segment of fandom rallied around the idea of Community’s Donald Glover portraying Spider-Man in the upcoming film, but what if the actor who played Troy had another hero in mind — perhaps Wolverine?

Artist Aviv Or imagines that and a host of other crazy ideas in her ongoing Community/X-Men mash-up over on her website. So far we have Troy/Wolverine, Pierce/Magneto, Annie/Kitty Pryde, Jeff/Cyclops and Gillian/Jean Grey.

Or has several more mash-ups to go through, and we’re excited for who she’ll surprise us with next. Perhaps after this, a 30 Rock/Justice League mash-up with Kenneth Parcell as Superman!

How Donald Glover finally secured the role of Spider-Man

Troy (Donald Glover) in the opening scene from the season premiere of "Community"

A little more than a year ago, journalist and comics writer Marc Bernardin penned an editorial wondering why the Spider-Man in Sony’s movie-franchise reboot had to be played by a white actor, inspiring actor/comedian Donald Glover to spearhead an online campaign to secure an audition. The role eventually went to Andrew Garfield, of course, but Glover’s lobbying effort inadvertently ignited a disturbing Internet firestorm that Community creator Dan Harmon later characterized as a “curious eruption of a previously unknown demographic of racist comic-book readers.”

It wasn’t one of fandom’s shining moments. But fast forward 14 months, to the 49th anniversary of Spider-Man’s first appearance — that’s right, Amazing Fantasy #15 hit newsstands this week in 1962 — and the introduction of the new Spider-Man of Marvel’s Ultimate Universe. Caution: Spoilers follow for those who haven’t seen the countless newspaper and website articles on the subject.

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Quote of the day | Dan Harmon, on reaction to ‘Donald Glover for Spider-Man’

Troy (Donald Glover) in the opening scene from the season premiere of "Community"

“Troy would definitely be a Spider-Man fan. He wrote a comic book that’s included as an extra in the season-one DVD. He’s a hybrid of nerd and jock. Nerds and jocks overlap in the area of bad-ass stuff, like robots and things that kill things … video games and total domination of this and that … And it’s definitely a cutesy inside wink at the Donald Glover for Spider-Man campaign, and the curious eruption of a previously unknown demographic of racist comic-book readers it ended up uncovering.”

Dan Harmon, creator of NBC’s Community, explaining why Troy (Donald Glover)
wore Spider-Man pajamas in the opening scene of the season premiere

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