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This contest is totes awesome

R. Sikoryak's Strand bag

R. Sikoryak's Strand bag

Get it? I said “totes” and it’s a tote bag contest! Oh, I slay myself.

Ahem. Anyway, The Strand Bookstore has teamed up with Fantagraphics, Drawn and Quarterly, Toon Books and the School of Visual Arts to offer the Strand Tote Bag Design Contest. All this month, until March 31, aspiring artists are encouraged to send in their design for famed New York book shop’s next “artist tote bag.  Judges for the contest include  previous bag designers Art Spiegelman, Adrian Tomine, R. Sikoryak, Françoise Mouly and Steven Heller.

The prizes are pretty impressive. The grand prize winner not only gets to see their art printed on the store’s bag, but also gets: an afternoon with Mouly; D&Q’s complete set of books from 2009; $450 worth of recent Fantagraphics books; a complete set of Toon Books; and more.

Second prize nets you a class at SVA, a collection of signed D&Q books; more comics from TB and Fanta, and a $100 coffee gift card. Third prize is the same, but less so.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tempted to enter by just drawing a couple of stick figures.

Rules and details for the contest can be found at that fifth link. A look at past Strand tote bags can be found here.

Straight for the art | What is Pood?

by Henrik Rehr

by Henrik Rehr

Jim Rugg, Joe Infurnani, Geoff Grogan and several other artists have formed Pood, a new … something. Actually, they’re having a contest now to decide what exactly “pood” is, so head over there and leave your guess.


Your chance to be killed on the cover of a new IDW book

Wire Hangers #1

Wire Hangers #1 variant

Writer, artist and musician Alan Robert wants to kill you — or at least make you the latest victim of a serial killer on the cover to his new book from IDW Publishing.

Wire Hangers kicks off its four-issue run in April and is about a homeless man who tries to stop, and subsequently gets blamed for, a series of disappearances in New York. One of the comic’s first issue covers will feature a newspaper article listing the latest victims of the Suicide King Killer, and IDW is giving away a chance for one lucky(?) fan to be that victim.

You can find all the contest details on their site, but hurry — the contest closes on Friday.

Incidentally, CBR’s Shaun Manning recently spoke with Robert, who plays bass for the metal band Life of Agony and is the front man for the punk band Spoiler NYC. Robert told Manning how he used Twitter to pitch the book.

“I started using Twitter at the beginning of last year,” Robert said. “It was around the same time that I was finishing up my ‘Wire Hangers’ proposal and pitch pages. I started following some of my band-mates at first and then started following some of my favorite comic artists and writers. Templesmith was one of those people. I saw that he had a new book coming out with writer Chris Ryall, called ‘Groom Lake.’ So, I started following Ryall, too. Little did I know that Ryall happened to be the Editor-In-Chief of IDW Publishing! Anyway, long story short, Ryall and I traded some music and comics and ended up hitting it off right away. A few months later he saw the animated trailer I put together for ‘Wire Hangers.’ He asked what my plans were for the series and pretty soon after, we had a contract in place.”

Is there anything Twitter can’t do? Besides let me post more than 140 characters, of course …

Objet d’Afro: AdHouse announces an Afrodisiac art contest

Objet d'Afro

Objet d'Afro

Jim Rugg and AdHouse Books are hosting an art contest — Objet d’Afro — to help promote the recently released (and very awesome) graphic novel Afrodisiac. Here are the details, from AdHouse’s blog:

Objet d’Afro highlights the obvious awesomeness of everyone’s favorite superhero, the Afrodisiac.

Here’s what we want – post a picture on our Flickr group of an Afrodisiac art thing…you pick the medium…you pick the everything. All mediums of art; whether it be painting, graphic art, sculpting, drawing, sketching, fake ads, short strips, or gluing an afro on a Ken doll. All categories are welcome, as are entrants from all countries….whatever…go nuts. If you don’t have a Flickr account, send us the picture…or the art thing…and we’ll post it for you.

We’ll have some awesome prizes for the king of the long shoe (art) game.

King Daddy: a piece of original art featuring Afrodisiac vs Dragonfly
Poppa-stoppa: a deluxe edition of the Afrodisiac and a signed copy of the Street Angel trade paperback
Cigarette Pimp: a signed copy of Afrodisiac

Honorable mention(s) will receive a signed Afrodisiac print.

The contest will run from now (get going) through the end of March. Winners will be named by April 15, 2010.

You can find the Flickr group right here; even if you don’t plan on contributing, it should be fun to check back later and see what everyone else comes up with.

Make some art: Super Punch holding a John Carter of Mars art contest

Thark spray by Carlos Melgares

Thark spray by Carlos Melgares

One of my favorite blogs, Super Punch, is holding a John Carter of Mars art contest, with the winner getting a $100 Threadless gift certificate. If you are artistically inclined, head over there and find out how to submit.

(Art above by Carlos Melgares)

Win a copy of Hope Larson’s new book

Mercury by Hope Larson

Mercury by Hope Larson

It’s not out until April, but you can get your hot little hands on Hope Larson’s upcoming graphic novel Mercury in a matter of days! At her LiveJournal, Larson has announced a contest for eager readers to win a copy of the book. In keeping with what I think is the book’s storyline, all you have to do is email her or post a comment on the contest LJ entry with a story about what your life would have been like in 1859. The deadline for entries is January 4th, so flex those fiction muscles! (Unless you actually remember your past life in 1859, in which case get your autobio on.)

Today only: Win a copy of Hellboy Library Edition Vol. 3

Hellboy Library Edition Vol. 3

Hellboy Library Edition Vol. 3

Dark Horse Comics is hosting another contest on Twitter today, and this week they’re giving away a copy of Hellboy Library Edition Vol. 3. Here’s how to enter:

1) Follow Dark Horse Comics on; winners must be “following” Dark Horse Comics to be eligible.

2) Use the tag “#newcomicday” and direct it to “@darkhorsecomics” to show your support. Winners must use “#newcomicday” and “@darkhorsecomics” to be eligible. Your tweets must be twittered between 12 a.m. and 5 p.m. on 12.23.09.

So head over to Twitter and get to tweeting …

Last chance to get your votes in

The Secret Science Alliance

The Secret Science Alliance

David Welsh reminds us that October is the last month to nominate a title for the Young Adult Library Services Association’s 2010 Great Graphic Novels for Teens list.

The list of nominations — which you can read here — so far includes titles like Alan’s War, Stitches and Secret Invasion. You can nominate the book of your choice here. Books must have been published this year, or have a copyright date between September and December of 2009.

My personal pick? The Secret Science Alliance by Eleanor Davis.

Win a copy of the Fables novel Peter & Max

Peter and Max

Peter and Max

I mentioned on Sunday that I really enjoyed the first Fables novel, Peter & Max, but don’t take my word for it — Vertigo is giving away 10 copies of the book on their blog. All you have to do is head over there and post who your favorite Fables character is and why. The only difficulty I’d have is choosing between Bigby, Boy Blue and Cinderella …

Test your continuity chops with the Marvel Expanding Universe Wall Chart

Marvel Expanding Universe Wall Chart

Marvel Expanding Universe Wall Chart

David Brothers over at the 4thletter! reviews a “pictorial tapestry” (hey, that’s what the publisher’s website calls it) called the Marvel Expanding Universe Wall Chart.

I’m not sure how to put this thing into words, but it looks simply awesome. See the picture above for what the front looks like. David also describes what’s on the back. “On the flipside of the chart is a continuity wonk’s dream: pages and pages of info on your favorite characters. They’re sorted by theme, rather than character, so you can see things about teams, kid heroes, origins, names, and so on. There’s even a bit on marriages,” he said.

David’s also uploaded more pictures of it to Flickr, and he’s holding a contest to win a copy. So click on over there and see if you can win one.

You, too, can design a Black Jack cover

Black Jack template

Black Jack template

Vertical Press book designer Peter Mendelsund wants some help choosing the color scheme for the next volume of Osamu Tezuka’s Black Jack:

I am a simple man (I know) and choosing the colors for this design (of which I am proud) brings me great satisfaction every time. But… I thought it might be fun to open up this process to the readership in order to see if any of you have any radical ideas vis a vis color: what colors look good together, what colors pop, what colors ring your own peculiar bell etc. So dust off your color theory books or just fly by the seats of your collective pants. Anyone, as they say, can be a winner.

Go here and then here to read the rules and related information. Entries are due Sept. 9 and the winner gets a full set of the Black Jack series, which is a pretty awesome prize.

(Found via Drawn!) teases PSP comics + Motion Comics contest posted a couple of videos yesterday related to two recent announcements about their digital comics efforts. First, here’s a sneak preview of the PSP Digital Comics service announced earlier this month:

Marvel also recently announced a partnership with a company called Aniboom, a “virtual animation studio” that will give animators “the opportunity to create unique motion comics based on comic book stories starring such renowned Super Heroes as the Hulk, Wolverine and Nova.” Basically it’s a contest where contestants create a Motion Comic based on a Wolverine vs. Hulk story or a Nova story. The grand prize is $10,000.

You can check out a promotional video about the contest after the jump.

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Tell a lie, win a prize

Dustin Higgins and Van Jensen’s eagerly awaited Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer comes out next month, and they’re holding a contest to help promote it. All you have to do is lie:



Hypothetical question time. What if you were a magically sentient wooden puppet? And what if whenever you told a lie, your magically sentient wooden nose would grow suddenly? And what if you suddenly were confronted by a gang of bloodsucking vampires, and you needed to snap off a shank of magically sentient wooden nose to kill the undead? Hypothetically speaking, what lie would you tell?

If you can come up with a funny, creative lie, you could win some serious swag from the upcoming Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer graphic novel. The book, created by Dustin Higgins and Van Jensen, will be released by SLG Publishing on Sept. 30. All you have to do is post your best lie at the Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer Facebook group or send one by e-mail to All entries must be received by Sept. 23.

The best lie, as chosen by Dustin and Van, will receive a signed copy of the book and a page of Dustin’s original artwork. Two runners up will both receive signed copies of the book.

Mark Twain may have said “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes,” but it can also help rid the world of vampires. So get creative! Get hypothetical! Get lying!

Disclaimer: The creators of Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer are not liable if a submitted lie appears in the current or any future Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer book. Dozens of lies appear in the book, and any submitted lie matching one in the book is purely coincidental.

San Diego Comic Con: Who you gonna call?

Ghostbusters contest

Ghostbusters contest

As Kevin noted last week, the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con is completely sold out all four days — which means you’ll have to beg, borrow, steal or win a pass to get in.

We don’t recommend those first three, but here’s an opportunity to try and win a pass for next year’s con, thanks to the Ghostbusters. To promote the release of the original Ghostbuster flick on Blue-Ray, Sony has set up a promotional site where you can not only sign up to become a Ghostbuster, but you can also register for a trip for two to the San Diego Comic Con in 2010. The trip includes airfare, hotel, some money for food and a two-day pass to the con.

Update: Yes, I’m an idiot. That’s what happens when I’m off my meds.

Strangeways: The Thirsty – Page 075

You want to win a copy of MURDER MOON?  Sure you do.  Just keep reading.


Art by Gervasio and Jok. Typos by Matt Maxwell.

Back Next

I’m thinking the preacher’s done been born again.

Okay, the contest this week. Back to Drytown.  Collins’ first visit there finds him in a derelict hotel.  And there’s something there besides the creepy inkeeper that bothers him. What’s bugging Collins? Protip: you can find the answer on this page. Send mail to me, that’s and put “Murder Moon Contest” in the subjectline (hopefully the link does this for you already). Put the answer in the body of the message. Do this before midnight on Thursday. Then you’ll be entered in this week’s drawing. Winners announced on Friday.

If you want to catch up on the whole story, hit the archive page.

As noted ealier, we’ll be moving to a two-page-a-week schedule shortly.  There’s a couple reasons for this, but they all come back to me, so I’ll take the heat for it.  I will try to add some extra value on the day that we’ll be missing, but not entirely sure how.  Didn’t get much of a response from the behind-the-scenes material, which leads me to believe that people just want the stories and don’t care about how they’re made.  If I’m wrong in this, please let me know by way of the comments.

Oh, and finally, I’ve revamped Highway 62’s weblog.  The old bookmarks should redirect to the new site, but go here and reset your feeds if necessary.

See you on Friday.

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