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Comics A.M. | ‘Berserk’ manga has 35 million copies in print

Berserk, Vol. 37

Berserk, Vol. 37

Manga | Kentaro Miura’s action-fantasy manga Berserk has 35 million copies in print — 27 million in Japan, and 8 million overseas — Hakusensha’s Young Animal magazine announced today. Miura returned to the series this week after a 10-month hiatus. The manga, which centers on a pair of mercenaries in a medieval Europe-inspired fantasy world, debuted in 1989; 37 volumes have been released to date. Dark Horse holds the license to Berserk in North America. [Anime News Network]

Crime | Russell Brandom and Colin Lecher describe a fascinating case in which comics figured in two types of crimes, money laundering and theft of evidence. Along the way, they explain the importance of grading, how slabbing works, and why it’s pointless to steal a really valuable comic that’s already known to collectors. [The Verge]

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John Allison creates a comic cookbook in Bad Machinery

I woke up this morning to a breakthrough on my RSS reader. Bad Machinery cartoonist John Allison has defined for me a new kind of comic: a cookbook comic (or would it be comic cookbook?). Although not the first to do it, Allison’s most recent Bad Machinery strip boils it down (pardon the pun) into an easy-to-digest (pardon the other pun) form.

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Kickstart my art | Webcomics: What’s Cooking? cookbook

by Canaan Grall

Here’s a project that combines three of my favorite things — comics, food and a worthy cause — the Webcomics: What’s Cooking? cookbook. More than 60 webcomics creators have signed up to provide food-related comics, each with a supporting recipe. “The concept is to print a collection of recipes for nearly any meal type: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, drinks or cocktails and then highlight each fun food item with a webcomic,” the Kickstarter page reads.

Proceeds from the project go to Canadian and American National Food Banks. You can find a complete list of contributors here. Helping them out on Kickstarter will get you anything from a mention on their Supporters page to copies of the book to original art. You can also simply preorder the book.

(Hat tip: Caanan Grall, whose contribution is previewed above)

How to cook the Moomin way

Just one more reason to wish you lived in the U.K. The independent publisher Self Made Hero will be releasing a Moomin-themed cookbook this July.

Moomin, Vol. 3

Moomin, Vol. 3

“They’re traditional Finnish recipes – it’s an introduction to Finnish cuisine,” said editor Emma Hayley at independent publisher SelfMadeHero. “There’s drinks, salads, desserts, breakfast at the end of a Nordic summer night – it’s great fun, with dialogue and Moominisms interspersed throughout the recipes.” Other recipes will include the Snufkin’s picnic pot, the Lighthouse Keeper’s fish pie and potato au gratin for hungry Moomins.

The cookbook has already been published in Finnish, Swedish and French, where it is doing well, Hayley said. Jansson’s writings have recently undergone a revival in the UK, with her adult novels The Summer Book, The Winter Book, Fair Play and The True Deceiver all reissued in the last 10 years.

Jansson is beloved throughout Europe (and other places as well) for her Moomin series of books, comics and other printed matter, about an unflappable, gentle hippo-shaped family that frequently find themselves engaged in some rather bizarre adventures. Drawn and Quarterly has been publishing Jansson’s Moomin comic strips in some rather handsome hardbacks, and the fifth volume is due to come out later this year.

But, hey, if have trouble trying to import the book, you can always just gaze longingly at this Moomin gingerbread house. (via)

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