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‘Star Wars,’ ‘Beauty and the Beast’ collide in this cosplay mashup


Elizabeth Rage, whom we previously spotlighted for her Disney/Star Wars mashup Jedi cosplay, struck back over the weekend at WonderCon with a new spin on Beauty and the Beast.

This time, however, Elizabeth’s Belle is no longer a Jedi but rather a gold-clad Mandalorian bounty hunter sent to track down a certain Wookiee — a certain really tall Wookiee. “The bounty said to KILL THE BEAST,” she writes, “but I had other plans …”

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This Gundam cosplay is incredible (if maybe not to scale)


Japanese cosplayer Punival, whom we’ve showcased previously for his impressive RX-78 Mobile Suit costume, takes things to the next level in this teamup with Malaysian enthusiast Mikuen.

In a photo series by Yapcweng, Punival’s Gundam stands at attention alongside Mikuen as both Sayla Mass and Feldt Grace.

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In this ‘Legend of Zelda’ hoodie, you’re ready for a quest to Hyrule


The climate in Hyrule changes drastically from region to region, which means if you plan to rescue the Princess, you better come dressed for the occasion. Say, in an official Legend of Zelda hoodie.

While we’ve seen a handful of sweatshirts based on Link’s tunic, few are as nice-looking as this Zelda: Hero of Hyrule cosplay hoodie from Merchoid.

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Kitty cosplay: Meet Deadpool … er, Catpool, the Merc With a Meow


It was inevitable that the Internet’s raison d’être (funny cat photos) would cross paths with our current obsession (Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool), but we’re just glad we were around to witness it. Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce … Catpool.

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Adorable ‘Hellboy’-inspired Hellpugs stand between us and the a-pug-alypse


When the world is threatened by paranormal forces or, y’know, cats, its last, best, wrinkliest hope is the B.P.R.D., which we can only presume stands for the Bureau for Pug Research and Defense. Or, as it’s better known, Hellpugs.

It’s the work not of Prof. Trevor Bruttenholm but rather of Pupstar Sonoma, which clearly knows how to pet cosplay right, from Abe’s goggles to Hellboy’s … well, everything. Just look at the details on the coat, to say nothing of the Right Paw of Doom and Big Baby.

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Fight crime in this 3D-printable superhero mask


A 3D printing company is getting into the superhero business with a 3D-printed mask that might give you a leg up on those other vigilantes. The files are even available for free download (take that, Lucius Fox).

It’s Zortrax‘s way of promoting 3D printing as a tool for cosplayers, some of whom have already been employing the technology to create Batsuits, Arkham Knight armor and even a functional Hulkbuster. Zortrax’s mask, which bears a resemblance to that of Batman and Arkham Knight, is made from 46 3D-printed pieces.

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This terrifying zombie Joker cosplay will fuel nightmares


The grinning, psychopathic Joker was terrifying even before he had his face surgically removed and then reattached in the comics; I mean, he’s effectively a killer clown. But add “undead” to the mix, and you have a formula for many restless nights.

Your latest nightmare arrives courtesy of makeup artist Luvekat, who transformed herself into “Zombie Joker Babe” using body paint.

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This video of kids cosplay is the cutest thing you’ll see all day


If your week is ending on a particularly stressful note (or, heck, even if it’s not), set aside a few minutes to watch this wonderful compilation video of adorable child cosplayers.

You’ll find yourself involuntarily smiling — and maybe even saying “Awwwww!” — at the sight of Baby Hellboy, li’l He-Man, wee Captain Marvel, tiny Transformers, darling Deadpools, and a gun-toting Harry Potter. Wait, what?

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Captain Marvel, Thanos come to life with amazing 2D body paint


A costume designer and cosplayer, Kay Pike is certainly no stranger to other people’s brushes. However, she recently took up body painting herself, with truly impressive results.

On her Instagram page, she’s shared video and photos of her first efforts, beginning with the Colossal Titan from Attack on Titan (a “Colossal effort,” Pike says), and then moving on to Thanos, Captain Marvel, Cheetara from ThunderCats and even Frieza from Dragon Ball Z.

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Play Arts Kai Variant Harley Quinn leaps to life in amazing cosplay

Like the other entries in Square Enix’s Play Arts Kai Variant line, the design of the Harley Quinn action figure is a departure from the popular antiheroine’s depicts in comics, television and video games. The costume amps up the medieval court jester elements, adding bits of armor and odd angles. You might imagine it would be challenge to reinterpret for cosplay, but Yugana Senshi Uon has certainly brought the figure to life, right down to the stylized oversize sledgehammer.

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‘Halo’ meets Hyrule in this magnificent ‘Zelda’ cosplay


While we’ve seen plenty of The Legend of Zelda cosplay, none of it quite compares to this costume by Ten D. Motomochi.

Photographed by Chocozumo, it’s a mashup of Zelda and Halo, resulting in a Spartan Link who’s ready to travel beyond Hyrule, and upgrade his arsenal with a beefed-up Master Sword.

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Mistaking cosplayer for gunman, London police arrest Winter Soldier

winter soldier

via the Daily Mirror

Armed police swarmed London’s Canary Wharf on Saturday, and accomplished what Captain America failed to do in his 2014 film: apprehend the Winter Soldier. Or at least someone dressed like the Winter Soldier.

According to the Daily Mirror, London Metropolitan Police responded to a report of a man with a shotgun in the business district, and quickly arrested a 29-year-old at West India Quay station. Although one witness quoted feared he was watching an attempted terrorist attack, it turns out the guy was a cosplayer, likely attending the weekend convention in Brighton.

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This kid has the best Rocket Racoon costume in the galaxy


When Rocket Raccoon declared “Ain’t no thing like me except me,” he clearly hadn’t met 6-year-old Chase, who was a dead ringer for the tough-talking, furry Guardian of the Galaxy for Halloween.

Created by Chase’s mother, artist Christina Borchardt, the painstakingly hand-made costume has become a social-media sensation, garnering attention from the likes of Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn, Mythbusters co-host Adam Savage and Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

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5-year-old with Cerebral Palsy celebrates Halloween in custom Millennium Falcon


The Bailey family is known in their community for going all out for Halloween. In years past, they’ve made costumes for their children including Superman and Clark Kent, complete with the phone booth to change in.

This year, they wanted to make Halloween extra special for their 5-year-old son Sebastian, who has cerebral palsy. Sebastian will be the coolest kid on his street as he trick-or-treats in this custom made Millennium Falcon! The design of the Falcon also aids in his ability to walk, which is perfect for trick-or-treating.

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Film legend Rick Baker gives his daughter a Joker makeover


Legendary movie makeup-effects creator Rick Baker gave his daughter an epic cosplay makeover for Halloween, transforming her into the Clown Prince of Crime.

Veronica Baker, an executive assistant in digital marketing at DC Entertainment, received the full Killing Joke, even going so far as to re-create Brian Bolland’s iconic cover from the 1988 one-shot.

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