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Robert Goodin’s Covered blog ends on a high

Steve Rude covers Jack Kirby & Sol Brodsky's Fantastic Four #4

You’d probably already heard that Robert Goodin’s excellent and influential blog Covered was in the business of winding down, but the final curtain has now come down. Since announcing on Sept. 16 that he was intending to end the blog, Goodin has run four entries by Steve Rude, and a couple by Art Adams. Now that’s how to go out in style.

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Spider-Man doesn’t carry a gun. Spider-Man drives.

I suppose it’s the mark of a good film that months after it’s release you’ll find any excuse to post any tangentially comics-related fanart thereof on the comics blog you work for. By that standard, Nicholas Winding Refn’s Ryan Gosling vehicle (rimshot) Drive is a pretty good film. And Miklós Felvidéki’s Drive-themed cover version of Jazzy John Romita Sr.’s famous “Spider-Man No More!” image over on the always delightful Covered blog is a pretty good piece of fanart. Still, given that the Driver’s jacket had a scorpion on the back in the film, I’m sure one Mac Gargan is pretty p.o.’d that Spidey’s biting his style…

Be a real hero and check out the remake next to the original at Covered, then visit Felvidéki’s website.

This art show’s got you Covered

The Covered Art Show at Secret Headquarters

The Covered Art Show at Secret Headquarters

Founded by cartoonist Robert Goodin, Covered is one of the all-time great comic-art blog concepts: Get artists to draw “cover versions” of their favorite comics covers. And if you’ve been following blogs like Robot 6, you’ve probably gathered from the amount of linklove Covered has gotten that the execution has been just as awesome as the idea.

Now Covered is moving beyond the electronic walls of the Internet to the gallery walls of L.A. retailer Secret Headquarters, which is holding an Covered art show that opens March 6 at 8pm. The show will feature mostly all-new art in the mighty Covered manner from Goodin, Jeffrey Brown, Coop, Lisa Hanawalt, Dustin Harbin, Sammy Harkham, Sam Henderson, Tom Neely, Laura Park, Brian Ralph, Aaron Renier, Johnny Ryan, Richard Sala, Jeremy Tinder, Mark Todd, Jon Vermilyea, Steve Weissman, and many more. You’ll be able to buy art there or via Secret Headquarters’ Flickr page. Save those pennies, Los Angelenos!

(Via Shaggy Erwin)

They’ve got you covered

Ryan channels Barks

Ryan channels Barks

Everybody and their uncle has already mentioned it, but in case you haven’t seen it yet, there’s a cool new blog in town courtesy of artist and animator Robert Goodlin, titled Covered.

The idea is simple. Get various artists and cartoonists to reinterpret classic comic book covers. That’s Johnny Ryan paying homage Carl Barks above. Other contributors so far include Jeffrey Brown channelling Mike Zeck and Eric Skillman offering his own take on Jerry Ordway.

it’s a shame the site doesn’t take requests. I’d love to see Ryan attempt a Dan DeCarlo Archie cover.

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