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Masks and Mobsters creators donating proceeds from latest issue to Red Cross

Even the mob can get into the spirit of the season.

Today sees the release on on comiXology of Masks and Mobsters #5 , the latest issue of the digital series by Joshua Williamson and Mike Henderson. Not only does it feature a special holiday story, but the creators are also being awesome and donating everything they make off the issue to charity. Henderson and Williamson (who shared with us on Sunday what he’s been reading) were kind enough to answer some of my questions about the series and their plans for this special issue, as well as reveal a whole bunch of art.

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Start Reading Now | Two crime comics from Rich Tommaso

From "The Mysterious Case: Sam Hill 1939," by Rich Tommaso

Thanks to a tweet over the weekend from Ed Brubaker, I discovered that Rich Tommaso is serializing a pair of crime comics online: The Mysterious Case: Sam Hill 1939, a follow-up to The Cavalier Mr. Thompson: A Sam Hill Novel; and Killer in My Sleep, which the cartoonist describes as “a straight-crime thriller about a serial monogamist/assassin set in the decade of the nineteen-sixties.”

On his blog, Tommaso also unveils some test covers for Killer in My Sleep, all of which are pretty sharp.

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Collect This Now! | La Pacifica

La Pacifica Vol. 1

In 1993, around the same time Vertigo debuted, DC Comics created Paradox Press. The imprint, much like the ill-fated Piranha Press that preceded it, was an attempt to create a more sophisticated, less genre-dependent brand of comics that would ostensibly appeal to the average reader not particularly interested in whatever Superman or The Sandman had to offer. It was to be a three-pronged attack, with the oversize Big Books line offering an anthology-like approach to various nonfiction material (i.e. crime, urban legends, pirates, etc.); the main line publishing more literary fare like Brooklyn Dreams and Stuck Rubber Baby; and Paradox Mystery, the title of which is self-explanatory.

The debut book in the mystery line was La Pacifica, a three-volume saga of sex and violence and femme fatales that wound up being one of the best things the imprint ever published.

(Note: Violent images lurk below … )

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