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Radar | Daisy Owl, by Ben Driscoll

Daisy and Cooper, from "Daisy Owl," by Ben Driscoll

Daisy and Cooper, from "Daisy Owl," by Ben Driscoll

“Radar” is an occasional spotlight on interesting and entertaining comics and creators that have, until now, escaped our notice.

Ben Driscoll’s webcomic Daisy Owl is, at its core, about family. And bears. And bear families. Oh, and a big experimental honey laboratory that houses an enormous, talking queen bee.

Yeah, Daisy Owl is about a lot of things. A lot of hilarious things.

Driscoll, a web programmer who lives outside of Boston, debuted the comic last July in the Cracked.com forums, before he’d even registered the Daisy Owl website.

“It was the amazing response I got there that kept me going beyond the first few strips,” he said. “I guess it sort of turned into a thing around there. Anthony Clark drew fan art of Steve and sent a bunch of traffic my way. A couple months later, David Wong contacted me about running Daisy Owl on the Cracked front page. For the uninitiated, David Wong is the author of John Dies at the End, and a bit of a dragon on a mountain. It’s a strange thing to have your favorite author give you your big break, but that’s how it happened.”

Kevin Melrose: I ran a Google search to find whether you’d done any other interviews, but all I could come up with is this. It’s terrible yet hypnotizing.

Ben Driscoll: Terrible? It looks fairly awesome to me. I’ve seen several things like that online. The phrase “Daisy Owl” brings up a lot of plush toys and things people knitted, completely independent of the comic. The words Daisy and Owl must have some kind of mystical power. I don’t know.

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