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Lee and Boultwood’s Viking comic landed too late for the raid


Like with the pulp space pitch the other day, Tony Lee has shared several other failed pitches on his Twitter feed (#ForgottenPitch). I’ll leave most of them for you to discover yourself (there are lots of wonderful ideas on show), but Shieldmaiden caught my eye for a couple of reasons: First, it would have been drawn by Dan Boultwood, creator of the current series It Came! that I’m enjoying so very much. And second, Vikings.

Sadly, it was the Vikings that killed the comic before it began. Lee pitched the idea in 2011, the year that Vertigo canceled Brian Wood’s Northlanders. Ivan Brandon’s Image series Viking had ended prematurely the year before after only one story arc. So, when Lee was told that no one wanted new Viking comics, publishers had some evidence to back that up.

Still, Lee and Boultwood had a different take from the realistic comics by Wood and Brandon. Shieldmaiden would have included a mythological element as a young woman led her clan in battle against the gods during Ragnarok. That, plus Boultwood’s art, makes me wish it could have found a home.

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Comics A.M. | In battle between DC and Marvel, who wins?

DC Versus Marvel Comics #1

DC Versus Marvel Comics #1

Publishing | Douglas Wolk uses a classic comics trope — who would win in a fight between Marvel and DC Comics, or rather, Batman and Iron Man? — to talk about the strengths and weaknesses of the two companies and how their business models have evolved. [Slate]

Comics | Archie Comics Co-CEO Jon Goldwater and writer and artist Dan Parent talk about the latest story arc, which takes the Riverdale gang to India for an encounter with Bollywood. [The Times of India]

Manga | Charles Brownstein, executive director of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, spoke about manga and the importance of freedom of expression at the most recent Comiket, the world’s largest comics event, in Tokyo. [CBLDF]

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‘Tin-Can Evil’ unleashed in teaser for Dan Boultwood’s ‘It Came!’


Let’s be honest: A lot of comic-book teasers are pretty uninspired, offering such little information that it can sometimes be difficult to discern just what they’re teasing. Happily, that’s not the case with Titan Comics’ imaginative teaser for Dan Boultwood’s It Came! #1, which is jam-packed with hilarious detail.

Provided to ROBOT 6, the teaser takes the form of the front page from the Aug. 4, 1948 edition of the Trumpington Bugle, which breathlessly chronicles the destruction wrought by a giant space-robot — or, “the tin-can evil,” if you prefer — on the town. where it trampled tractors and prize zucchini with little regard for either. All it’s missing is narration by Orson Welles.

It’s a fun way to give a last-minute push to what the publisher describes as “a knowing throwback to the heyday of low-budget SF cinema – in comic book form!” You can check out a preview of the first issue at Comic Book Resources. Boultwood’s It Came! debuts Wednesday from Titan.

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