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‘Vibe': That voodoo that you do

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Pop culture typically depicts voodoo as a dark-and-dingy practice in which bones are scattered and animals are sacrificed. Its most popular figures are a man in a top hat with a skull painted on his face and the dreadlocked lady from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie who lived like a hermit in a cabin deep within the swamps. (Interestingly, both tangled with James Bond.  Weird.)

It’s a bit of a shocker, then, when the voodoo practitioners of Dan Ciurczak’s Vibe look like rad dudes straight out of Sonic the Hedgehog. It’s so … in-your-face and hella rad. Full disclosure: I have no idea whether the aggressively neon look of Vibe is closer to the faith. Heck, I have no idea whether it’s blasphemous. It’s certainly a different, take though; a direct contrast to the dour, gloomy reputation of voodoo. The colors are garish and bold — neon and pastel colors clashing together in a forbidden sherbet spectrum. It’s bright, jazzy and wild.

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