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Dan Hipp’s ‘Star Wars’/’Inside Out’ mash-up will tear you apart


Brace yourselves, because this piece of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” art might just touch on all of your emotions — and it also plays with some “Force Awakens” spoilers just in case you haven’t yet contributed to the film’s $2 billion box office haul.

Artist Dan Hipp has created an image that cuts right to the heart of new villain Kylo Ren, and it uses imagery from “Inside Out” to do it. If you thought this summer’s Pixar film was a tearjerker already, just wait until you see the film’s mental-mechanics applied to “The Force Awakens'” tragic villain.

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Viz Media announces ‘Ben 10 Omniverse’ graphic novels


Viz Media has been busy snapping up licenses for its VizKids imprint, and now has announced a new one: a series of Ben 10 Omniverse graphic novels that will tie in with the Cartoon Network show.

Ben 10 Omniverse is the fourth iteration of the Ben 10 cartoon created by four comics writers (Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, Duncan Rouleau and Steven T. Seagle), beginning as the story of 10-year-old Ben Tennyson, who changes into different types of aliens with the help of a device called the Omnnitrix. In Ben 10 Omniverse, Ben is now 15 and has a new Omnitrix that transforms him into different creatures. His Grandpa Max pairs him up with a rookie plumber named Rook (who’s “highly skilled with his Proto-Tool, but lacks any field experience,” according to the press release) to explore an alien city and stay one step ahead of the bad guys who are in hot pursuit. If this is making you feel a little lost, here’s some good news: Cartoon Network is having a “Ben 10 Bootcamp” this weekend, with 17 hours of Ben 10 programming so everyone can catch up.

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‘The Powerpuff Girls’ are back — at IDW Publishing

IDW_Cartoon_Net_2It sounds like some interesting announcements were made at the ComicsPRO meeting over the weekend in Atlanta, and one that is already hitting the streets is that IDW Publishing will release an entire line of comics based on Cartoon Network properties.

“Many of these Cartoon Network shows have only grown in popularity since they originally aired,” Chris Ryall, IDW’s chief creative officer and editor-in-chief, said in the press release, “and we’re excited to be able to offer new iterations of the characters in comic-book form alongside both our planned reprint material and also some new animated ventures Cartoon Network has planned, too. There’s a wealth of fun properties to play with here, and we’ve already got some unique things in mind for them.”

The starting lineup will include The Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10, Dexter’s Laboratory, Samurai Jack, Johnny Bravo and Generator Rex. Many, if not all, have been made into comics before: DC released 70 issues of its Powerpuff Girls comic and 34 issues of Dexter’s Laboratory, in addition to a Cartoon Network Action Pack anthology, which featured many of the network’s other characters (like DC Entertainment, Cartoon Network is a subsidiary of Time Warner), and Del Rey published a Ben 10 graphic novel that was written by Peter David and illustrated by Dan Hipp. So there is an interesting back catalog to draw on in addition to new material.

An IDW spokesperson told ICv2 that the first release in the new line will be a Powerpuff Girls comic this fall.

Comic Couture | Dan Hipp goes headless at Threadless

If you are a fan of Dan Hipp’s work on Amazing Joy Buzzards, Gyakushu!, Ben 10 or his wonderful art blog, then you might want to know that Threadless recently turned the above image, “Zombie Survivalist,” into a T-shirt and a hoodie. No doubt it will sell out quickly, so head over there fast if you’d like to grab one for your very own.

Dan Hipp provides the cover for fantasy-themed Devastator issue

The humor anthology known as The Devastator will take a stab at the fantasy genre in their next issue, and today they’ve revealed the cover by the always wonderful Dan Hipp.

Their fifth issue will feature lampoons of Dungeons & Dragons, Game of Thrones and Lord of The Rings, with contributions from Tony Millionaire, Zach Weiner and Scott Gairdner, among others.

Check out the cover after the jump.

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Happy Hunger Games! Dan Hipp pays tribute to Katniss Everdeen

As legions of fans of Suzanne Collins’ bestselling novels line up to see Lionsgate’s adaptation of The Hunger Gamesmidnight screenings alone hauled in about $20 millionDan Hipp rolls out a slightly gruesome ode to Katniss Everdeen, the bowhunting tribute of District 12. The Hunger Games opens nationwide today, and should be the biggest thing since sliced bread … or at least since Twilight.You can read Spinoff Online’s review of the movie here.

Dan Hipp’s Mario says his hands are a little dirty

In spite of this whole mess, my coffee table needs a hardcover art book of Dan Hipp’s stuff and it needs it now.

Happy Holidays from Robot 6

from Matthew Petz

It’s Christmas Eve, and we’re winding down here at Robot 6 to go spend time with family and friends. Before heading off to celebrate, though, you’ll find a collection of holiday-themed links after the jump, along with this year’s collection of holiday cards we received.

On behalf of all of Robot 6, have a great holiday and stay safe. We’ll see you next week.

(Above: a Christmas showdown by Matthew Petz)

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Dan Hipp strikes back

After chronicling his talents in a series of illustrations posted on the internet for months, Dan Hipp’s illustrations (and more) are making their way to bookshelves.

Titled Mr Hipp Strikes!, this limited edition art book comes signed and numbered to the lucky 400 people who get the edition. It features Hipp’s favorite color illustrations from his blog, as well as a sneak peek at his next graphic novel, Stray Days.

Hipp came into comics on the strength of his art in the Image series The Amazing Joy Buzzards, and followed that up with a two volume series called Gyakushu! through TOKYOPOP’s beleaguered original manga effort. He had a short stint on DC/Wildstorm’s Gen13 series, but has spent the past few years off the direct market’s radar but in the larger public’s with several volumes of Ben10 graphic novels written by Peter David.

Hipp is taking pre-orders for Mr. Hipp Strikes! on his blog, and I’ve just submitted a requisitions request to the bookkeeping department at Robot 6 to get one for our library.

In Belgium, no one can hear you scream

The indispensable Dan Hipp has created a series of fake Tintin covers mashing the classic character together with movies like Alien, Star Wars, and Tron. And this isn’t even the coolest thing on his blog.

Gyakushu is set in motion at Hulu

Dan Hipp’s Gyakushu was originally published by Tokyopop and then moved online for a while (it seems to be gone now) after Tokyopop discontinued their global manga line. Now it is taking on a third life: Tokyopop is publishing volume 3 as a print-on-demand book, and Hulu just posted a motion comic of the first volume. You might as well settle in; it’s 41 minutes long.

Meanwhile, Hipp is posting some awesome fanart at his blog, and it’s all for sale.

Dan Hipp introduces Piggy Brown, the Piglet Detective

Piggy Brown by Dan Hipp

Tooth Troll!

Dan Hipp celebrated his birthday last week by sharing a short comic starring Piggy Brown, the Piglet Detective, as he makes the world safe for teeth from Tooth Trolls. Read and enjoy … and happy belated birthday, Dan!

Shootin’ from the Hipp: Dan Hipp wows with Western illustration

Illustration by Dan Hipp

This certainly isn’t the first time Dan Hipp has graced the pages of Robot 6 with his one-off illustrations, but now his rousing and relentless blog features a drawing of the so-called Harmonica from a Clint Eastwood Sergio Leone classic. Hipp has a habit of posting new artwork almost daily, spanning superheroes, Hayao Miyazaki and now Western movies. Earlier this year, Kevin Melrose spied some pages from an unpublished spaghetti Western that Hipp is also working on.

The postings will continue until Hipp is hip-deep in tall dollars. Be warned.

SDCC Wishlist | Hipp’s Stray Days, Moon and Ba’s print and much more

by Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba

by Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba

Down to the wire here, so let’s do a round-robin of a few more cool items you can get at the San Diego Comic-Con this year …

• Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba are bringing a new limited signed giclée print, which you can see to the right.

• Buenaventura Press is having a going-out-of-business sale at booth #1734. Alvin Buenaventura will be there, selling the last copies he has of Kramers Ergot 7, Boy’s Club by Matt Furie, The Gigantic Robot by Tom Gauld, original art and more.

• Gene Luen Yang has a new T-shirt he’ll be selling at the show.

• Terry Moore is bringing The Complete Paradise TOO — “a 360 page softcover book filled with hundreds and hundreds of my comic strips and cartoons, from high school to SIP to all the Kixie strips and Plato and Lizzie the axe-murderer… all for just $30.”

• Scott Morse will have a TON of items for sale at the show; you can find them here and here.

• Both Josh Howard and Humberto Ramos will have sketchbooks at the show. Sean Galloway, meanwhile, has a Spider-Man print.

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Dan Hipp unveils new cover for long-awaited third volume of Gyakushu!

"Gyakushu!" Vol. 3, by Dan Hipp

"Gyakushu!" Vol. 3, by Dan Hipp

Following the announcement on Friday that Tokyopop has teamed with digital-distribution website Zinio to offer some of the publisher’s titles online, cartoonist Dan Hipp has revealed the new cover for the third volume of Gyakushu!

Debuting in February 2007, the violent revenge tale was canceled after just two volumes, a victim of Tokyopop’s 2008 OEL manga implosion. Now the first two previously published volumes are available for download from Zinio, with the third volume set to debut on the website later this week.

See the full cover after the break.

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