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Comics A.M. | This weekend, it’s C2E2; a preview of TCAF



Publishing | In advance of Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan DiDio and Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada discuss who’s reading their comics, and the creative challenges of writing about characters who have been around for generations. Asked if he was the custodian of contemporary myths, DiDio answered, “You know, I feel like a renter, to be honest. I’m in charge at this moment, and the goal is to keep these myths healthy enough so that, eventually, you can pass them down to the next person who rents them.” [Chicago Tribune]

Conventions | Christopher Butcher, the organizer of the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, talks about how the show has grown and what to expect this year, including an interesting slate of international creators, from David B. to Taiyo Matsumoto. [The Comics Reporter]

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Watch exclusive trailer for Dark Horse’s ‘Bloodhound’ collection


Dark Horse has provided Comic Book Resources with the exclusive debut of its trailer for its collection of Bloodhound, the 2004 series by Dan Jolley, Leonard Kirk and Robin Riggs.

Originally published by DC Comics, the title follows Travis “Clev” Clevenger, a brutal ex-police detective who specializes in finding superhuman criminals. Sentenced to prison for the murder of his partner romantic rival, Clev reluctantly accepts a deal from the FBI to track down a super-powered serial killer before he can strike again.

Titled Bloodhound, Vol. 1: Brass Knuckle Psychology,  the 198-page collection includes issues 1-4 and 6-10; DC’s Firestorm appeared in the fifth issue, and therefore it couldn’t be part of the Dark Horse edition. Jolley suggested to Robot 6 in January, when the collection was announced, that there could be life for Bloodhound beyond this volume.

“Whether or not more Bloodhound stuff comes out depends on a number of different factors, and the public’s reaction to this collection is certainly one of them,” he said. “But no, the story is far from complete. I’ve got at least several more years’ worth of material ready to go.”

Bloodhound, Vol. 1: Brass Knuckle Psychology arrives in June.

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Exclusive | Dark Horse to collect Dan Jolley’s Bloodhound

Travis Clevinger, the lead character in Dan Jolley’s Bloodhound, is a convicted murderer with no superpowers who is released from prison at the request of the FBI so he can track down a serial killer. First published in 2004 by DC Comics, the DC Universe series, which featured art by Leonard Kirk and Robin Riggs, received good reviews but never quite found its audience and was never collected. That is, until now.

Bloodhound has found a new home at Dark Horse, which in June will publish issues 1-4 and 6-10 as a collected edition, titled Bloodhound, Vol. 1: Brass Knuckle Psychology, with 198 pages of comics plus an introduction by Kurt Busiek, an afterword by Ivan Cohen, and standalone art by Jamal Igle, Mike Norton, Tim Seeley and others. Where is Issue 5? Read our exclusive interview with Jolley to find out, and to get the backstory on Bloodhound.

Robot 6: Since it’s been a while, can you refresh us about what Bloodhound is about?

Dan Jolley: Bloodhound is about Travis “Clev” Clevenger, a huge, brutal, ex-Atlanta police detective who specializes in tracking down superhuman criminals. Clev had the city’s best record for finding and dealing with superhumans, thanks to a knack for understanding their thought processes. Unfortunately, he had also been having an on-again-off-again affair with his partner Vince’s wife, Trish, for a number of years, and when Vince found out, he attacked Clev with a crowbar. Clev killed Vince and got sentenced to prison.

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