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Robert Ball & WJC’s ‘Dangeritis’ set to launch this month


I saw this crazy page from Robert Ball on his blog and had to share. Great design meets great drawing meets great gag. ROBOT 6 had the exclusive announcement of Dangeritis on New Year’s Day, and there have been regular updates at the book’s workblog ever since. The physical edition will be released soon, launching July 20 at the MCM Manchester (that’s in the United Kingdom, not New Hampshire). Ball and WJC are two of my favorite illustrators around, and Winter’s Knight and Solid State Tank Girl have both absolutely knocked my socks off this year.

I did wonder how the two artists would work together, though: They share clear influences, but then produce very different-looking styles with very different methods. The best examples from the Dangeritis blog show them managing to gel together in interesting ways, from literally splitting duties on double-page spreads …

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Exclusive Preview | Warwick Johnson Cadwell & Robert Ball’s Dangeritis

Two gentlemen making quite a name for themselves on the U.K. small-press and indie-comics scene are Warwick Johnson Cadwell and Robert Ball. The latter’s self-published Winter’s Knight: Day One was one of my favorite comics of last year, a beautiful, lyrical piece that was equal parts Geoffrey Chaucer, John Boorman and Mike Mignola; and 2013 looks like being the year of WJC, as he works on Alan Martin’s Solid State Tank Girl, alongside the possibility of both his long-awaited Hutch Parsons and Gungle books finally appearing at Blank Slate.

The two creators are frequently to be found in each other’s company at the U.K.’s comic shows, and this friendship has resulted in Dangeritis. This is a comic, rather than a shared medical condition. In Robert’s own words:

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