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Sometimes one panel says so much

Bucko: Sometimes one panel says so much

Jeff Parker and Erika Moen had me at “dick and fart”. OK, not really. But recently when writer Parker and artist Moen (both members of Periscope Studio) launched the webcomic Bucko (the plot of which can be summed up in two sentences “A chance case of alcohol-fueled diarrhea at his job interview leaves him [Rich “Bucko” Richardson] desperately running for the bathroom where he discovers a brutally murdered body. Now it’s up to Bucko to solve this case!” [OK there’s more than that, but I love short intros with long sentences…]), I immediately wanted to pester the two creators for an interview. They obliged. And Parker even dropped an f-bomb for free. Read the interview, enjoy the webcomic (which updates Tuesdays and Fridays), tell all your friends. That is all.

Tim O’Shea: How the heck did you two decide that the world needed to combine two genres like “dick and fart jokes” and “murder mystery”?

Jeff Parker: That genre heading was created by Erika. It’s not technically accurate, but it gets you in the realm of what BUCKO is. And well, someone may fart at some point I guess.

Erika Moen: Yeah, like Parker says, it’s not a literal description of what happens in the comic (well, aside from the “murder” part), but it more captures the feel of the work. I figured it was more effective than something like “a QUIRKY murder mystery!” or “a RIDICULOUS HIPSTER murder mystery” Although, really, “dick’n’fart joke” may not be that inaccurate, as we do have the promise of threesomes (“dick”), there is the case of diarrhea (“fart”) and the protagonists certainly think they’re solving a “mystery” So, y’know what? I take it back, my tag line is totally accurate.

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